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NKHS Choir

At the heart of the North Kitsap High School (NKHS) lies an exceptional choir program that plays a vital role in nurturing the musical talents of its students. Embracing music as a tool for learning, self-expression, and fostering a sense of community, the program offers a wide variety of courses to cater to students with diverse interests and skill levels. From the beginners to advanced learners, everyone finds a place in this inclusive environment where passion for music is the common denominator.

The curriculum is richly diverse, encompassing the Symphonic Choir, the Vocal Point Jazz Choir, and the Northern Lights group that delves into a range of music styles from classical to contemporary. The program also offers specialized groups like the Treble Choir and the Tenor Bass Choir, honing unique vocal ranges. Beginners can explore the intriguing world of jazz music in the Minor Details class. The choir program organizes multiple concerts throughout the school year, the highlight of which is a special Jazz Night held every spring.

The NKHS Choir owes a significant part of its success to the unwavering support of the NK Choir Boosters. Much like the Band Boosters, this organization provides crucial backing, including conducting fundraisers, managing logistics for concerts and events, and providing necessary resources. Their enduring commitment ensures the continuity and growth of a program that cultivates musical excellence, team spirit, and a nurturing community for all its members.

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Julie Gallant
Choir Instructor
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