2017 District Champs


Below is a list of our upcoming Summer events, Try-outs, Concussion Testing Dates, and/or items that you or your parents need to complete.

  1. If you or your parents haven't already registered you for Summer Volleyball on FamilyID, please do so ASAP. You can not participate in any of our summer events listed below if you aren't registered here first. (Plus, if you register here now, you won't have to do it again in the Fall) NKHS.NKSCHOOLS.ORG/ATHLETICS to Register
  2. Summer NK Volleyball Morning Workouts in our Main Gym from 8am-10am on the following dates:
    • June 27
    • June 29
    • July 06
    • July 11
    • July 13
    • July 18
    • July 20
  3. NK Volleyball Try-outs on Aug. 22-24, 2022 from 3-5:30pm in our Main Gym. Upon making one of our 3 teams, practices will be:
    • Aug. 25, 3pm-5:30pm
    • Aug. 26, 3pm-5:30pm
    • Aug. 27, 8am-10:00am (Optional position specific practice)
    • Aug. 29, 3pm-5:30pm;
    • Aug. 30, 3pm-5:30pm;
    • Aug. 31, 3pm-5:30pm;
    • Sep. 01, 3pm-5:30pm;
    • Sep. 02, 3pm-5:30pm;
    • Sep. 05, 5pm-7:00pm;
    • Sep. 06, 3pm-5:30pm.

    (First Non-League Games on Sept. 7, 2022 @ White River H.S. & Sept. 8, 2022 vs. Central Kitsap H.S.)

  4. Before the above Try-out dates: You must have:
    • a current sports physical from your doctor on file with the NKHS Athletic Department;
    • you must complete a Concussion Test or have a current one on file with the NKHS Athletic Department;
    • and you must be registered for Summer Volleyball on FamilyID.

    You cannot attend or participate in Try-outs on August 22-24, 2022, if the above 3 items are not completed. Your physical from your doctor is valid for 2 YEARS and so is your Concussion Test. No Concussion Test required for participation in Summer Events.

    A current sports physical from your doctor, a current Concussion test, and your registration for Summer Volleyball on FamilyID is required to be completed & on file with the NKHS Athletic Office before Try-outs start on Aug. 22, 2022

    If you need to complete a Concussion Test because yours is expiring OR you are an incoming Freshman or you are new to NKHS, upcoming Concussion Testing Dates are listed below:

    • August 16, 2022 from 3-5pm (Room 502)
    • August 17, 2022 from 3-5pm (Room 502)
    • August 18, 2022 from 3-5pm (Room 502)

    Please be sure to bring a charged laptop to Room 502 in our NKHS Main Building for your Concussion Test.

  5. See gonkathletics.com for the NK Volleyball 2022 Season's schedule as of today. (This is subject to change; Be sure to click on the 2022-2023 Season to see the correct schedule)

    You must arrive early enough to each event to ensure the gym is all set-up & you are ready to go PRIOR to the official start time.

If you have any questions about registering for Summer Volleyball on FamilyID, Concussion Testing, or Sports Physicals- please contact our Athletic Director, Matt Stanford, at [email protected]; or our Athletic Secretary, Susanna Leche, at [email protected]

If you have general questions about our Volleyball program, our Summer Morning Workouts, or Try-outs- please contact Head Coach, Kaelea Makaiwi (a.k.a.-Coach Mak), at [email protected]


-Coach Mak