School Fees

To participate in any NKHS athletics or activities, all North Kitsap High School students are required to pay any and all district fines as well as purchase an ASB card. All fines and fees can be paid at the ASB Office and the Athletic Office both before and after school as well as during both lunches. Payments may also be made online..

ASB Card

Most student activities such as athletics, athletic medicine, band, dances, and assemblies are financed by student funds. All club members and NKHS athletes are required to have an ASB activity card as a condition of eligibility. The card provides admittance to all regular season football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, soccer and track contests. It also gives a discount at most dances. It makes the ASB card owner a participating member of the Associated Students at North Kitsap High School (ASNK). Purchase an ASB Card online through our InTouch payment portal.

2021-2022 ASB Cards are $35

Student Parking

Juniors and Seniors may apply for a parking permit. To apply, please bring a parking application and copies of your Washington State drivers license and car registration to campus security. Once approved, you may purchase a permit at the ASB Office.

  • 2021-2022 Parking Passes are $40.00
  • Parking Tickets are $20


Yearbooks are available for purchase from the ASB office and online. Information regarding Senior Ads in the yearbook can be found on our yearbook activities page.

2021-2022 Yearbooks are $55