NKHS Band Syllabus 

 North Kitsap High School Band Syllabus

(Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble)

Instructor: Mr. Adams   
Office hours:  After school or by appointment
Phone: 396-3123              
 [email protected]   (Room 801)

Course Objectives:  The student will develop and improve music notation, instrumental technique, rehearsal etiquette, expression through sound, the performance process, creative process, self-evaluation, personal integrity and sense of community.  Students will perform a wide variety of literature through the year.  The band curriculum is based on the Washington State Arts Learning Standards. 

Class Expectations:           

  • Band is a performance based class.  Students are required to attend and actively participate in rehearsals and performances. This includes events beyond the school day.
  • Students are asked to maintain a positive, respectful attitude at all times.
  • Students are expected to practice at home to develop technique and prepare their music.
  • The NKHS cell phone/electronics policy and tardy policy will be enforced.
  • Please do not chew gum, eat or drink anything besides water in the band room.
  • Please remove hat when entering the room.

Materials needed:             Instrument
                                                      Pencil, pen, paper

Grade composition:          Grade will be based on written work, quizzes/tests, performances and successful demonstration of Washington state learning standards.

NKHS grading scale:           A = 100-94, A- = 93-90, B+ = 89-87, B = 86-84, B- = 83-80, C+ = 79-77, C = 76-74, C- = 73-70, D+ = 69-67, D = 66- 60, F = 59-0

Late/Missing work:           You have until the end of each month to turn in late or missing work.
Late work is worth 75%.  It is the responsibility of the student to check Skyward or contact me individually regarding late or missing assignments. 

Please see the NKHS Band Handbook at the NKHS Band Website for more information.