Athletic Training Room Tour

The NKHS Athletic Training room features state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the student athletes and the education of Athletic Medicine Student Aides at North Kitsap High School. During the school day, the Athletic Training room is used as the classroom for all of the Athletic Medicine Classes. The athletic training room/classroom is located in the back of the gym by the locker rooms and the PE/Health classroom.

Floor Plan of the NKHS Athletic Training Room
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Rehabilitation Area
Rehab Area Small
The 1243 square foot facility offers a large rehabilitation area with a BAPS board, Rebounder, a Fitter, and many different rehabilitation tools.
Hydrotherapy Area

Small Hydro

Big Whirlpool

Med Whirlpool Small

The hydrotherapy area consists of two, two foot by five foot therapy pools and one, one foot by 3 foot appendage therapy pool. These pools offer the convenience of being able to treat many student athletes at the same time. One pool is always kept cold and one is always kept hot. The hydrotherapy room also stores our flaked ice machine, sink, dishwasher, water coolers, and water bottles.
Treatment (electrotherapy) Area
NKHS Electrotherapy Area
The treatment area consists of five treatment tables, two ultrasound machines, two electric stimulation units, a Game Ready compression unit, and a two hot hydroculator units. This area is used to treat athletes with the many different modalities available in the North Kitsap High School athletic training room.
Taping & Bandaging Area

Small Taping Area

Small AED

The taping area has three taping stations available for use. The stations are equipped with a middle cabinet that holds all of the necessary taping and bracing supplies. There is also two Automated External Defibrillators (AED) located in this area of our athletic training room.
Office Area

Small Office

Small Assistant

Small Desk

The office area is enclosed for keeping more secure documentation and medically history filing and for use by a physician evaluating an athlete that needs privacy.
Storage Area
Small Storage
The storage area is considerably bigger than in our last training room. There are four storage cabinets, storage racks where we keep all of our water coolers, ice chests, extra water bottles, along with lockers for the Athletic Medicine Student Aides.
Athletic Medicine Student Aide's Area
Student Trainer Area
The Athletic Medicine Student Aide's Area is located in the Storage area of the athletic training room. The students have a desk, a computer, and their sign-in clock located in this area. This area was designed to give the student athletic trainers an area that they could do research, input injury reports, and/or their homework.
Contact Information:
North Kitsap High School Athletic Medicine
1780 NE Hostmark Poulsbo, WA. 98370