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English & English Electives

At North Kitsap High School (NKHS), students are required to complete four English credits to graduate. The pathway for these credits provides flexibility and varies according to the grade level:

  • Freshmen: English 9 or AP (Advanced Placement) Prep English 9
  • Sophomores: English 10 or AP Prep English 10
  • Juniors: English 11 or AP Prep Language
  • Seniors: English 12, AP Literature, or Bridge to College English


Each course equates to a full year of study, and successful completion earns the required credits for graduation.

Of these four credits, three must come from college preparatory coursework, which encompasses literature and composition. The remaining credit can be an elective, such as creative writing, journalistic writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), drama as literature, public speaking, debate, or business English.

Please note, courses such as remedial or applied courses, acting, basic English skills, developmental reading, library, newspaper staff, vocabulary, yearbook, or annual do not count towards these requirements.

For college students who have not yet fulfilled the English requirement, it can be met by completing either pre-college English coursework (aimed to prepare students for college-level composition or literature), or any college-level course labeled with an English or writing prefix.

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