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Course Guide

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2023-24 version of the North Kitsap High School Course Guide. Whether you are an incoming freshman, transferring from another school, or currently enrolled, this publication is designed to help you in selecting courses that offer the best possible educational experience. The courses listed in this guide are a complete list of next year’s possible course offerings as determined by our teaching staff and state requirements.

We encourage you to sit down together, parent/guardian and student, and go through the guide page by page in order to be fully educated about credit and testing requirements for earning a North Kitsap High School diploma. There is a lot of information about our college preparatory program. The guide also provides details and options for many different graduation plans. Please feel free to contact your counselor if you have any questions about the content of this guide.

For new student enrollment, the first step is to complete our online registration found under quick links on our website. LINK. You will be contacted by the registrar when the online process is completed. We are partners with parents and students in the planning of a relevant, rigorous and meaningful education while at NKHS and are ready to assist you as you work through this registration process.

Throughout the year, we will be sponsoring many activities for further information, parent conferencing, and making connections with students and families. We value each student and strive to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment. We look forward to working with you while you are a member of our NKHS community.


North Kitsap High School Staff

Enrollment & Credit Guidelines

For the successful completion of a semester class with a score of 60% or above, a 0.5 credit is awarded. The guidelines concerning attendance and provisions for make-up are to be communicated by the respective teachers. It is mandatory for students to maintain regular attendance for all classes.

Grades and credits are recorded on the Washington State transcript based on a defined system. The grades range from 'A' for Excellent performance to 'F' which denotes failure and non-issuance of credit. Other grades include 'S' for Credit, 'P' for Pass, 'N' and 'U' for No Pass, all of which are not included in the GPA calculation. 'NC' denotes No Credit and represents a special circumstance that will later be converted into a regular grade. 'W' signifies Withdrawal from the course.

A 94% - 100% 4.0
A- 93.99% - 90% 3.7
B+ 89.99% - 87% 3.3
B 86.99% - 84% 3.0
B- 83.99% - 80% 2.7
C+ 79.99% - 77% 2.3
C 76.99% - 74% 2.0
C- 73.99% - 70% 1.7
D+ 69.99% - 67% 1.3
D 66.99% - 60% 1.0
F 59.99% - 0% 0.0


It is critical to note that students who continue in a course beyond the add/drop date will have a letter grade recorded on their final transcript. All semester grades are final, and once transcribed onto the record, they can't be altered or removed.

High School Diploma Requirements

  • Earn specific high school credits requirements 
  • Complete specific non-credit requirements
  • Fulfill Pathway requirements 

Requirement details can be found below.

Required Credits & Tests 

The State of Washington Graduation Toolkit outlines graduation requirements. The Washington State Board of Education offers an interactive graduation requirement table online..

Related Policies and Procedures

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Course Guide

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