Career Center

The Career Center

 The College and Career Guidance Center, commonly referred to as the “Career Center”, is located beside the library. Students are encouraged to come before and after school, lunch, and during class when they have permission from their teachers. The Career Center provides services to all students, faculty, parents, and community members.

 Career Information and Activities
  • Access to Internet for college/career search using 
  • Printed resources: books, brochures, magazines, pamphlets
  • Formal guest speakers and business site visits representing careers of interest to students
  • Facilitate Tech Prep articulations and postsecondary connections
  • Organize job shadowing opportunities, job site tours, guest speakers, and student internships representing careers of interest to students
  • Support services for the integration of academic/workplace curricula
  • Implementation and documentation of Worksite Learning
Career Assessment
  • ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
  • WOIS (Washington Occupational Information System) 
  • Colleges
Coordinate visitation of the admission recruiters from the Armed Services.
  • Liaison to all branches of the Armed Services
  • Coordinate visitation of recruiters
  • Display printed recruitment information
  • Register and organize on-site administration of ASVAB
  • Student Employment Services
Maintain “Job Board” listings from local business community
Process Parent School Authorization Forms