Ms. Laska


Professions Project

Use the sites below to find the answers to all of your worksheet questions!

The most comprehensive career information system in the state of Washington. site key iscdn801)

working Science Careers is a part of the journalScience and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is the world's leading resource for job listings.

    medical LifeWorks is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

2.  Education needed:
3.  List of Seattle area schools offering training:
4.  List of Washington state schools offering training:
5.  If training is not offered in Washington, where is the nearest school that offers training:
6.  Average starting salary
7.  Average salary after 20 years
8.  Do you need to pass a test in order to practice your profession?
      What kind of exam is it?
9. Check the jobs section in Sunday's Seattle Times. How many openings are listed for your profession?
10. Where could you find work in this profession?  Big City___Any size city___Company____University/college____Government___(Local, state, federal)
11. What would your hours be like in this profession?  8-5 weekdays___ more than 40 yours per week___more than 8 hours a day____night/graveyard shifts____
12. Do you need special insurance for this profession?
13. What are the continuing education requirements?
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