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arnold Scandalous!!  rob
Due November 21
1500 word minimum, typed, double spaced, Works Cited page


  1. There are many American scandals. Choose one.  A few are listed below.
  2. Open EasyBib
  3. Register if you haven't already done so. Start a new project. Name it after your scandal.
  4.  Copy NKHS library's # 29068006856151. Go to
  5. Open KRL's research database link.
  6. Use key words to search US History in Context, Biography in Context, Historical New York Times, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Proquest Magazines & Newspapers.
  7. Scan article titles/articles for relevant material.
  8. Find some good stuff? Create citations in EasyBib as you go.
  9. Read! Use not only the bibliographic tool in EasyBib but also the outline, notetaking, paraphrasing, and writing elements of the program as well.
  10. You can also submit your final work straight from EasyBib to!
  11. Need help? Just ask!
Watergate    watergate bldg Nixon   
 Iran Contra iran contra       iran contra
Alexander Hamilton & Maria Reynolds 
  hamilton       maria
    Clinton and Lewinsky clinton   monica and bill
Andrew Jackson  andrew jackson    jackson  
 Ulysses S. Grant   Grant   grant
 And Black Friday Gold
 Grover Cleveland's     Cleveland   where's my pa
 Illegitimate Child 
  Thomas Jefferson    Jefferson  rooster
 and Sally Hemings
   Ted Kennedy  Chappaquiddick  ted kennedy
 The Chappaquiddick Incident
 The Keating Five Keating 5    mccain
   Wilbur Millstidal basin   Wilbur Mills  
 in the Tidal Basin
And Still More...
General Petraus
Rob Blagojevich
Gary Hart
Bob Packwood
Clarence Thomas
John Edwards
Eliot Spitzer
Anthony Weiner
Strom Thurmond
Larry Craig
Newt Gingrich
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