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Schaffer Paragraph

Schaffer Paragraph 
A Shaffer paragraph is a five sentence paragraph that has a definite structure and transition from one idea to the next. 
Topic Sentence (TS) (CLAIM) 
Concrete Detail (CD) (SUPPORT) 
Commentary (CM) (EXPLAIN) 
Commentary (CM) (EXPLAIN) 
Concluding Sentence (CS)
Topic Sentence (TS): A sentence that states the main idea of a paragraph. 
Concrete Detail (CD): Stuff from the story, the "what", facts, examples, illustrations, evidence, support, plot references, paraphrases, citations, quotations, plot summary, what really happens in the story? 
CD starter- "For example..." 
Commentary CM: Stuff from your head, the "so what?" words with feelings behind them that you can describe to me. Analysis, interpretation, a character's feelings, George feels ______. How does __ feel on the inside? opinion, inference, insight, reasons, color commentator.
CM #1: "This shows that…" 
CM #2: "This also shows that…" or "This is important because…" or "This is because…" 
Concluding Sentence (CS): The final sentence that summarized the main idea in a new way. 
CS: "As a result…" or "In short…" 
TS-Cinderella leads a miserable life. CD-For example, she does all the TS cooking, cleaning, and sewing. CM-This shows that she feels taken advantage of by her selfish stepmother and stepsisters. CM-This is important because her horrible life gives her a present, her fairy godmother. CS-As a result, she becomes a princess.

Schaffer’s Paragraph Model

English 9 Rubric

Emerging Proficient Exemplary

Topic Sentence (TS)

No topic sentence

There is a topic sentence but it is somewhat related to the rest of the paragraph.

There is a clear topic sentence that is directly related to the rest of the paragraph.

Concrete Detail (CD)


There are no concrete detail sentences to support the topic sentence.

There is at least one concrete detail sentence, but it fails to logically support the topic sentence.

There is clearly a concrete detail sentence that logically supports the topic sentence.

Commentary (CM)


There are no commentary sentences.

There are two commentary sentences , but they merely restate the concrete detail.

There are two commentary sentences showing personal insight regarding the concrete detail.

Conclusion Sentence (CS)


There is no conclusion sentence at the end of the paragraph.

There is a conclusion sentence that simply restates the topic sentence.

There is a conclusion sentence that summarizes the topic of the paragraph in a new way.


Good Reads


 Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1)  by Jonathan Stroud

 In an alternative London, a young apprentice gets back at the magician who cruelly humiliated him by summoning the djinni, Bartimaeus, to steal that magician's most prized possession.

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast  by Robin McKinley

Her older sisters might actually be more beautiful, but Beauty is smart and loyal and more than strong enough to face the Beast in his lair.

 Black Mirror  by Nancy Werlin

After her brother commits suicide, Frances gets involved with the charitable group he was connected with at their school, only to become suspicious his death might not have been a suicide.

 Bloody Jack: Being the Account of the Curious Adventures of  by L. A. Meyer

Reduced to begging and thievery in the streets of London, a 13-year-old orphan disguises herself as a boy and connives her way onto a British warship set for high sea adventures. 

 Body of Christopher Creed  by Carol Plum-Ucci

When outcast Christopher Creed goes missing, everyone suddenly wants to know what happened to the classmate no one liked. 

Bruiser  by Neal Shusterman

 Brewster has always kept to himself to protect his secret and to avoid any pain. When Bronte attempts to befriend him, however, he struggles to resist her kindness.

 Compound  by S. A. Bodeen

 Eli is nine-years-old when a nuclear attack destroys planet Earth and his father forces his family to live in a bomb shelter. But does Eli's billionaire father have the best intentions for his family when he takes them underground?

 Ender's Game  by Orson Scott Card

Slated from birth to be humanity's savior when the alien bugs invade, Ender must grow up fast, tough and totally isolated in the orbiting Battle School. .

 Geography Club  by Brent Hartinger

 To avoid attracting attention, a group of gay and lesbian students form the boring-sounding "Geography Club" at their school so they can discuss their lives. 

 Graceling  by Kristin Cashore

 Katsa was born with a special skill, or grace. She has the ability to kill people with her bare hands, but it feels like a burden when the king forces her to do his dirty work.

 House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
When he discovers the horrifying fate awaiting him, the young genetic clone of a powerful drug lord who rules a country called Opium, plans his escape.

Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins

In a future world, twenty-four teens are selected by lottery to compete for survival in a televised tournament.

 Keeping You a Secret  by Julie Anne Peters

Holland's senior year of high school turns upside down when she falls in love with an openly gay new girl at school.

Leviathan  by Scott Westerfeld

 You've never seen World War I like this. Deryn Sharp, a Clanker girl disguised as a boy, meets the enemy, Prince Alek, a Darwinist, on the run after the assassination of his parents.

 Life as We Knew It  by Susan Beth Pfeffer

 When a meteor hits the moon and plays havoc with the tides on earth, Miranda's comfortable suburban life transforms into a day to day struggle to survive without such basic resources as running water, electricity, food, and even sunlight.

 Maze Runner  by James Dashner

 Waking up in the middle of a maze with no memory of what came before, sixteen-year-old Thomas must band together with other teens to figure out if escape is possible.

 One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies  by Sonya Sones

When Ruby's mom dies of cancer, she leaves Boston to live in Los Angeles with the famous movie actor father she's never met.

 Right Behind You  by Gail Giles

As a young boy, Kip made a horrible mistake by setting a friend on fire. Now, at fourteen, he's starting over in a new state with a new name...but can he put his past behind him?

Rock and the River   by Kekla Magoon

It's nineteen-sixty-eight in Chicago, and fourteen-year-old Sam Childs is torn between following his father's peaceful approach to the Civil Rights Movement, or taking the direction his older brother has gone with the Black Panthers to mend the injustices and brutality he sees towards African-Americans.

Samurai Shortstop   by Alan Gratz

 Toyo, sixteen, applies his father's nineteenth century lessons about the way of the Samurai into the early twentieth century world of his elite Tokyo boarding school and its baseball team.

 Shade's Children  by  Garth Nix

In a futuristic world where children are fodder for the war games of Overlords, its up to a group of brave teenage escapees to destroy the evil aliens. 

Ten Things I Hate About Me  by  Randa Abdel-Fattah

Summary: Leading a double life at 16 can be exhausting! To avoid prejudice and harassment, Jamilah (also known as Jamie) hides her Muslim-Lebanese heritage while studying at an Australian school.

 Things Not Seen  by Andrew Clements

When 15-year-old Bobby wakes up one day and finds himself invisible, he needs help from family and friends to figure out how to reverse it. 

 When She Hollers  by Cynthia Voigt

 Tish, a teenager who has endured abuse at the hands of her stepfather since she was a child, finally decides she can't take it anymore. 


Anne Frank: Her Life in Words and Pictures from the Archives of the Anne Frank House  by Menno Metselaar and Ruud van der Rol

 A perfect companion to The Diary of Anne Frank, this narrative includes many previously unpublished family photographs, diary excerpts and additional historical explanations. 

 Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year-Old GI  by Ryan Smithson

 Ryan tells the harrowing story of his life while serving as a young army engineer in Iraq without taking a political stand on war or glossing over the gory details.

King of the Mild Frontier: An Ill-Advised Autobiography  by Chris Crutcher

 Popular teen author Chris Crutcher shares humorous tales of his life growing up in Idaho with a strict father and alcoholic mother. 

Left for Dead: A Young Mans Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolis  by Peter Nelson

While watching Jaws one day, 11-year-old Hunter Scott learned about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and was so moved that he began his own investigations, which eventually led to the righting of an old injustice. 

Mao's Last Dancer  by Li Cunxin

 Li tells the story of his journey from poverty in Communist China to his world-wide acclaim as a professional dancer including his defection to America during the 1970s.

 Marching for Freedom: Walk Together, Children, and Don't You Grow Weary  by Elizabeth Partridge

 Hear firsthand accounts from the brave children who participated in the voting rights protests in Selma and Montgomery Alabama in nineteen-sixty-five while facing whips, tear gas, and clubs.

War to End all Wars: World War I  by Russell Freedman

 This narrative encompasses all facets of WWI including battles, leaders, the new technologies that made it so destructive and an abundance of historical photographs.

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