Spanish 1

 WEEK2   2/10-2/14  
 Date  Learning Target  Turn in/ Las Tareas (Homework)
 2/10  Review #s and Write a letter  Students will write a letter using 75 words with only their notes from their composition book.  They will turn in at the end of class. Must be turned in at the end of class.  Letter with IR A.docx
 2/11-2/12  Ir+a Skit  Students will create a skit using Ir+a and present it to the class for a volunteer point or just for me. Rubric attached. 2020-02-11-091223.jpg



Learning Target

Turn in/ Las Tareas (Homework)



Students will use La Primavera Vocab.

Students will use vocab to make a 40 word paragraph. Final draft must be a shape of a flower.



La Primavera and Pasatiempos

Students will finish up the Primavera paragraphs and then start to answer verbal questions about their towns.La Primavera Vocabulario with rubric.docx



La Primavera and Verbal Exam Questions

Students finished their poems and then we discussed and wrote down the verbal question for their verbal exam. We practiced asking and answering questions.



Verbal Exam Questions

Wrote down more verbal question for their verbal exam. We practiced asking and answering questions.Verbal Questions _ 1-3.docx  ​Wrote new months and weather vocab in composition book.



Weather and Months

Wrote new months and weather vocab in composition book.  Went over verbal questions.