septembre 2017

jeudi 7 septembre 2017:  Please go to and set up an account just for French.  Use an email address that is current and write down your username and password.  Start exploring to see what it is like!

lundi 11 sept:  Please look online at a legitimate news source and find a current event from a French-speaking (Francophone) place in the world.  Be prepared to share it briefly with the class.  Write a 7 sentence summary in English in your notebook, and cite your source.  Explain who is concerned, what happened, when, where specifically, using as much detail as possible.  Merci!

mardi 12 septembre: Please start memorizing the Ch. 1 vocab on the front side of your pink sheet.  Read it aloud, sound it out and pronounce it the best you can, and start quizzing yourself on the meanings of words.  When you're ready, have someone else quiz you!  You can also use the online flashcards for the 2nd edition of Rond-Point.  

jeudi 14 sept:  Please answer these questions in English, on a separate sheet of paper.  You will be turning this in.  Why are you in French 1?  What do you hope to gain from working/learning this year in class?

lundi 18 septembre:  Before Monday the 25th, please gain 25xp of NEW progress in Duolingo using your French account.  I will be linking your account to our class in the near future, and I'll be able to see which days and times you were earning NEW xp.

mardi 19 sept:  Please write out (on the same HW survey paper I've returned to you) what you'll say for the speaking quiz on Tuesday.  Include a greeting, how to ask/tell a name, how to say nice to meet you, how to ask/tell how someone is doing, and say goodbye.  Merci!

jeudi 21 septembre: Please continue practicing aloud (by yourself or with others) what you will say on Tuesday's speaking quiz.  Greeting/Name/Nice to meet you/How are you/Goodbye

lundi 25 septembre: Tonight before 11pm - 25xp in Duolingo.  Tomorrow is the speaking quiz.  PRACTICE OUT LOUD.  En français: Greeting/Name/Nice to meet you/How are you/Goodbye

mardi 26 sept: Before the end of this week, all late or missing work for September must be turned in.  Merci!

jeudi 28 septembre: Please review numbers (1-100), the alphabet (out loud), and choose a French first name (if you're interested.)

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