About Me

En Nouvelle Calédonie

My name is Lola Haveman my teaching career began in 2008.  I have lived in Washington, France, Oregon, and South Carolina and have traveled to many wonderful places around the globe.  My French studies started in middle school thanks to an after-school program.  I continued learning throughout my high school years, and then earned a B.A. in French from Western Washington University.  During my time at WWU, I was able to spend a semester living abroad and studying in Angers, France.  During my college years, I won an international French essay contest that allowed me to participate in a 3-week youth conference in Angoulême, France.  
Later on, after volunteering with high schoolers, working as a private French tutor, and being involved in community French conversation groups, I pursued a teaching degree.  I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Southern Oregon University in 2008.  After my first year of teaching, I was awarded a summer scholarship grant by the American Association of Teachers of French to study with other French teachers at the Alliance Française in Paris. 
In April 2012 I took a group of students to Paris for the first time - what a fabulous thing to take them across the world to use their French skills!  In November 2012 I earned National Board Certification.  In April 2014, we visited France again and had the pleasure of doing homestays with our pen pals from Saint-Nazaire.  It was a truly incredible experience.  I'm very proud of the friendships that my students maintain with their pen pals at our sister school in Saint-Nazaire, France at Lycée Aristide Briand.  It is really neat when Francophone students and NKHS students get to travel back and forth.  Many of my students have done this on a short- and long-term basis.  
In April 2016 we went to Paris, Normandy, and Brittany and in 2018 we went to Paris and the French Riviera.  In June/July 2019 we're excited to do a joint trip with other NK language teachers to Germany, France, and Spain!!! With the help of a former colleague, I brought the "UW in the High School" French 103 course to NKHS so that our advanced students could sharpen their skills while earning 5 credits from the University of Washington.  This course is offered at NKHS every other year.  The advanced students also have the opportunity to participate in the National French Contest and the Seal of Biliteracy Exam. 
Teaching French gives me the opportunity to work with wonderful young people and to help them communicate with others around the globe.  It is a rewarding, challenging, and fun profession that I'm grateful to be a part of.