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This is where you can find information on what we have done in class each day:

Wednesday September 6, 2017
Today I shared my syllabus and answered:
1.  Where do I sit?  2.  What are the rules?  3.  What are we going to be doing this year?  
4.  How do I earn my grade?  5.  Who is the teacher as a person?  6.  Will the teacher treat me as a human being and with respect?
For a grade, students will turn in the syllabus with a parent signature and safety agreement signed by parent -- due Friday.
Students were asked to bring a composition book for use in class -- due next Monday.    

Thursday September 7, 2017  
I reminded students that composition books are due next Monday.  I gave an assignment for homework (DUE TOMORROW).  Students are to measure a piece of string and cut it to a length of two cubits and two spans.  Students were shown how to measure the string.  Students were invited to join the "Advanced Option" in physical science.  That application, handed out today, is due next Wednesday.  For extra credit, students can write an essay about themselves called "A million words, or less."  I want to know about their learning styles and interests in science.  The due date for this is Monday.  We did a name-learning activity and played a game of "two truths and a lie."  I showed students how to access this blog to use [especially when they are absent from class].

Friday September 8, 2017
I checked for two parent signatures and the "string" assignment.  I will put the grades into the gradebook on Saturday.  I taught the students about the huge effect that missing grades have in the gradebook.  We brainstormed and made a list of things that people measure. I highlighted three important ones -- mass, volume and length (or distance).  Students were given a pink packet for Unit 1 on measurement.  Students took notes about meters, liters and grams on the back side of the packet.  Students watched the first part of a movie about measurement and answered questions on page 2 of the packet.  Students will keep their packets until they are completed.

Monday September 11, 2017
Students were asked to look and record the location of the sunrise in the morning.  Is it in the east?  Exactly?  Since Hostmark goes straight east, it can be used as a guide.  I learned some names.  We organized our composition books (journals) by adding a title page and a table of contents.  We added the "Measurement Lab" to our table of contents and measured the string of 2 cubits and 2 spans in units of cm.  We learned the requirements for writing data in a lab report.  We discussed the stations for tomorrow's measurement lab.  

Tuesday September 12, 2017
Students went through stations in the "Measurement Lab."  There are nine stations, and students completed five of them today.  They measured different things (length, width, mass, volume) and did calculations (area, volume, density).  Students recorded their data in their journals.

Wednesday September 13, 2017
Students are invited, for extra credit, to view Saturn through a telescope.  We will be set up at the Poulsbo Middle School football field at 8pm.  For extra credit, students will need to write a short reflection.  We added an "In The News" section to our journals.   Students added information about the Cassini Probe crashing into Saturn on Friday.  We completed three of the last four stations of yesterday's Measurement Lab.  Students recorded their data in their science journal.

Thursday September 14, 2017
Students are invited, for extra credit, to view Saturn through a telescope.  We will be set up at Kingston Middle School football field at 8pm.  For extra credit, students will need to write a short reflection.  Students were given a 3x5 card to write names of those who might make good lab partners.  I will put together a new seating chart for Monday.  Students finished the last station of the Measurement Lab.  Journals will be turned in on Friday for grading.  Students were taught the skill of metric unit conversions.  Students completed the unit conversion page in the pink packet -- problem #3  -- the first nine problems.

Friday September 15, 2017
We discussed the Cassini Probe crashing into Saturn this morning.  We did a practice quiz and corrected it in class.  The real quiz will be Monday.  Students added "Density of Liquids" to their journal.  They recorded measurements and calculations to find the densities of two liquids.

Monday September 18, 2017
Students were given their seating in their new lab groups.  We discussed errors made in the Measurement Lab.  Students were taught how to raise a grade that is too low for student's expectations.  Students completed page 4 in the pink packet.  Students either calculated the density of copper and aluminum (in Measurement Lab), or, if this was complete, were given a piece of wood to calculate the density (extra credit).  The quiz scheduled for today was postponed until tomorrow.

Tuesday September 19, 2017
We completed two pages of unit conversion problems and measurement questions in our pink packets.  Students took a quiz.

Wednesday September 20, 2017
In the news, the fall equinox is Friday and it happens at 4:02 am PDT.  We discussed what happens at an equinox and I created a sine curve of daylength over a year.  We looked at the slope of the graph as a measure of how fast the daylength is changing.  Students got their quiz back from yesterday and we went over questions.  We discussed the policies of retaking tests.  Students turned in their pink packets and I passed out Unit 2 Packet (white) about the Scientific Method and graphing skills.  We read and discussed the Scientific Method page.

Thursday September 21, 2017
For periods 4 and 6, the substitute teacher was Mr. Birge.  Students watched a movie called "Living Planet - The Northern Forests."  Periods 1,2 and 3 watched "The Living Planet - Jungle."  Students wrote down two things they learned and one (or more) unknown vocabulary words.  Students turned in their binder paper with the answers.

Friday September 22, 2017
Students completed page 4 of the white packet.  We discussed the potential manipulated variables for the "Bouncy Ball Lab."  Students recorded their ideas on the Bouncy Ball page of the white packet.

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