Physical Science - Classwork

This is where you can find information oh what we have done in class each day:

Wednesday August 31, 2016
Today I shared my syllabus and answered:
1.  Where do I sit?  2.  What are the rules?  3.  What are we going to be doing this year?  
4.  How do I earn my grade?  5.  Who is the teacher as a person  6.  Will the teacher treat me as a human being and with respect.
At the end of class, we looked at a demonstration of air expanding when heated.
For extra credit, students will turn in the syllabus with a parent signature -- due tomorrow.
Students were asked to bring a composition book for use in class -- due next Tuesday.

Thursday September 1, 2016
I shared some information about how to achieve academic success in high school.  We had a discussion about CLASSROOM NORMS -- that is, what rules we will follow so that everyone is welcomed, accepted and able to participate.  We played a game called "Two Truths and One Lie."  I am working to get to know my students.