Biology Semester B 2016-2017

Date-May 1  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Finish Candy DNA-Upload 2.2 and picture of DNA- DNA Structure Quiz Start 3-A Module Tea Barcoding   Pick one Explore more from bottom of Agenda, write three genetics questions in lab book and upload one.
 Tuesday  3-B DNA Blast Database   Engagement Survey #1 (on Canvas in Module 3)
 Wednesday  4-A Cell cycle game/            4-B Mitosis pop bead activity  Drew Berry Ted Talk
take notes in your lab book.
 Thursday  Microscope lab- Onion cells Mitosis stages  
 Friday  Cell Cycle and Cancer- notes in lab book  

Date-April 24  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Module 2-A-Strawberry DNA LAB (see online link in Labs and Handouts to get on Canvas Dashboard)  Finish Chapter 12 vocab in lab book (YES ALL)
 Tuesday  Finish DNA lab and upload answers. Start Module 2-B None
 Wednesday  Work on Module 2-B DNA Structure Slides- Take notes in Lab Notebook.  Finish DNA-Structure Slides- Notes in Lab book.
 Thursday Do not meet today  Do  "Test your word power" quiz at end of module (write paragraph in your lab notebook)

 Friday  Candy DNA LAB  

Date-April 17  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Chapter 9 Review for Exam
And post test (formative)
 Study for test
 Tuesday   Periods 1,3,5    
 Wednesday  INTRO TO CANVAS- PRETEST AND PROFILE UPDATE-ONLINE (Module 1 Genetics)  Upload 2 personal discussion questions to Canvas
 Thursday  No class meeting  
 Friday  Discussion and Lecture 
Module 1 Genetics

Date-April 10  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Data Analysis of Respiration lab- Group final write-up time  Finish Lab paper- DUE AT BEGINNING OF CLASS Tuesday
 Tuesday  Review Respiration and Start Pogil on Respiration  Critical Thinking Page 238 in text 
questions 24-28
 Wednesday  Finish Pogil  Study Vocab Ch 9 for Quiz Thursday
 Thursday  Fermentation Lecture 
Vocab Chapter 9 QUIZ
 Pre Lab questions for Fermentation Lab
 Friday  Fermentation Lab

Date-March 27  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Lecture on Cellular Respiration, Formula Card Activity, Diagram comparing Photosyn and Cell Respir  Chapter 9-1 vocab, reading guide and Section assessment
 Tuesday Rubric and Planning for Cellular Respiration Exercise lab  Chapter 9-2
Vocab  and Section assessments only
 Wednesday  Cellular Respiration Exercise lab  Chapter 9-2 
Guided Reading 
 Thursday  Write lab (bring flash stick so you can finish at home over break :) )  Work on your portion of paper over vacation if want an awesome grade 

Date-March 20  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Continue of Photosynthesis Protocol LAB Post lab question for Photosynthesis  
 Tuesday Finish Pogil Photosynthesis  Pogil Extension questions- Handout
 Wednesday  Review For Chapter 8 Exam Study for Chapter 8 Exam
 Thursday  Chapter 8 Exam  NONE :)
 Friday  Pretest Chapter 9
Introduction Movie/Handout

Date-March 13  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Computer Animation Lab
 Analyzing Data
pg 213
 Tuesday  Finish Animation Lab   Study Vocab for Quiz
 Wednesday  Vocab Quiz 8
Start Pogil on Photosynthesis
 "Where does plants mass come from" handout
 Thursday  Finish Pogil   Pre Lab questions for Photosynthesis LAB
 Friday  LAB Protocol  

Date-March 6  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Cell color sheet Vocab, section assessment and  Guided Reading 8-1
 Tuesday  Using 3-D models for Photosynthesis Vocab, section assessment and  Guided Reading 8-2
 Wednesday  Using 3-D models for Photosythesis  Post lab questions
 Thursday  Paper Chromotography  Vocab, section assessment and  Guided Reading 8-3
 Friday  Freshman Registration/ 
Other students Amnesty Day

Date-Feb 27  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Finish Microscope lab
set up Osmosis Demo
 Write 2 hypothesis about what will happen to the mass of an egg in hypertonic/and hypotonic solutions left overnight.
 Tuesday  Observation on Egg demo
Diffusion discussion with Iodine. Membrane models
Study vocab for test on Thursday
 Wednesday  Review for Chapter 7 Test  Study for test
 Thursday  Chapter 7 Test  Make sure your lab book is ready to be handed in ANY DAY NOW!
 Friday Introduction to Photosynthesis  

Date-Feb 20  Class Activity  Homework
Cell Factory Analogy
Intro to Cell Model project (extra credit)
Vocab Worksheet
7-3 & 4

 Wednesday  Cell Factory Analogy  Vocab worksheet
 Thursday Cell Factory Analogy DUE
Introduction to Microscopes Power point
 Study notes from Powerpoint for 
Microscope Quiz

 Friday  Microscope Lab
Quiz on Microscopes

Date-Feb 13  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday Vocabulary QUIZ
Finish Cell Organelle POGIL
 Section 7-4 Vocab, Section assessment, Guided Reading
 Tuesday  Around the Room Cell Organelles Activity  Pg 188 Analyzing Data
Crossing Cell Membrane- in Bio text
 Wednesday  Finish "Around the Room"  Describe 3 types of solutions cells could be surrounded by and what will happen to the cell ? (check page 186)
 Thursday  What's for Breakfast lab demo and lecture
 Define:Brownian Motion, Concentration Gradient, Diffusion (in your notebook)
 Friday  POGIL on Cell Membranes  

Date-Feb 6-10  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday Menu Continued  WORK ON MENU PRODUCTS
 Tuesday Menu Products final day  FINISH PRODUCTS DUE WEDNESDAY
 Wednesday Color Cell Model for lab book  7-3 VOCABULARY
 Friday Powerpoint on Cell Organelles  

 week of Jan 30 classwork  Homework   opener 
Monday  No School   Teacher Grading day  
Tuesday  Introduction to semester B  Chapter 7-1  what is a cell
Wednesday  Cell Theory introduction  Chapter 7-2 (get two days to do)
 list the three components of "cell theory"
thursday ProKaryote
 Finish Chapter 7-2  what type of cells do you have ?
Friday   Menu activities for cells  none  

Date-  Class Activity  Homework
Date-  Class Activity  Homework
Date-  Class Activity  Homework
Date-  Class Activity  Homework

Date-  Class Activity  Homework