Biology Semester A 2016-2017

Date-Jan 17  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  No School MLK  
 Tuesday  Assembly- PH virtual Lab Computers  None assigned- Finish labs
 Wednesday  Hands on PH Lab  
 Thursday  Enzyme Lecture and Demo  
 Friday  Got Lactase? activity  

Date-Jan 9  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Energy Drink Lab  None if work done in class
 Tuesday  Energy Drink labs  none
 Wednesday  Energy Drink Poster presentations  none
 Thursday Water Pogil and Lecture notes  none
(DISTRICT REQUIRED all 9th and 10th)

Date-Jan 2-6  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  No school yet  
 Tuesday  Pre-test on chemisty concepts
 Crash Course on Chemisty
Hand in Phet simulation

 Wednesday  Pogil On Biological Molecules, Lecture and activity Work on Chapter 2 Guided reading packet
 Thursday  More Crash Course
Pogil notes
 Finish Guided reading to hand in Friday
 Friday  Finish Pogil Notes  

Date-Dec 12  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Biochemistry introduction   Bio text Chapter  2-1 Vocab, Section reading and Section Assessment
 Tuesday  Bio Chem modeling
Chapter  2-2 
 Wednesday  Atomic Structure Video  Chapter 2-3
 Thursday  Crash Course Video on Chemistry  none
 Friday  Phet simulation with Science computers  

Date-Dec 5   Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Finish Lecture on Biodiversity and Biomagnification  none
 Tuesday  Alien Invasion Wanted Posters- Invasive species effect on Biodiversity  Research your species for poster
 Wednesday  Alien Invasion Poster   Finalize poster
 Thursday  Population Paradox Draw the Age/Distribution graph (not from book) from a country that has completed Demographic transition.
 Friday  Population Paradox part 2

Date-Nov 28  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Finish Yellowstone movie  Finish the guided reading for 6 and hand in Tuesday.
 Tuesday  Lecture on 6-1 and 6-2  Define Biomagnification and give two examples
 Wednesday  Orca graph research  Define Biodiversity and explain why it is important
 Thursday  finish research question and discuss biodiversity and biomagnification  none
 Friday  No school 
Professional Development day

Date-Nov 21  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Final Conclusion for Hare Hypothesis -revisit poster and discuss.  practice Vocab
(for Chapter 5)
 Tuesday  Review Chapter 5  Study for test
 Wednesday  Chapter 5 Test  none
 Thursday  Thanksgiving  
 Friday  no school

Date-Nov 14  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Completion and Presentation of Group Performance Task  6-3
 Tuesday  Individual Assessment of Lynx and Hare Ecological Assessment-Take home portion DUE MONDAY  6-4
 Wednesday Ecological Pyramid Worksheet 
Hand back assessment to take home

 Write a paragraph describing biodiversity and why it is critical
Thursday Population Growth Review worksheet

Maybe Start
 Yellowstone movie
 Describe Biomagnification and how it affects Orca Whales
 Friday   Yellowstone movie  

Date-Nov 7  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Finish Population Growth Power point and Pogil  none
 Tuesday  Veterans Day Assembly 
Virtual Lab on Bacteria Populations
 Wednesday  Finish  Lab and Start
Group performance task

 Thursday  Finish Group Performance task  
 Friday  No School- Veterans Day  

Date-Oct 31  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Final Biome presentations,
Biome Jeopardy Game
 Do "inquiry" on Page 118 in Bio Textbook- hint:
parents only reproduce ONCE ever.
 Tuesday  Population Denstiy and Distribution lecture and Pogil acitivty  Page 123 
Analyzing Data from textbook
Wednesday  Finish activity from yesterday
 none :)

 Thursday  Lion Carrying Capacity Web axtivity in Computer Lab  none :)
 Friday  Survivorship Curves and Carrying capacity lecture  

Date-October 24  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Biome Presentations  Fill in Biome worksheet from todays presentations
 Tuesday  Biome Presentations  Fill in Biome worksheet from todays presentations
 Wednesday  Review for Chapter 4  Study for Test
 Thursday  Quiz on Chapter 4 Parent Conferences Evening- Please attend with parent
 Friday  Parent Conferences in Morning only   

Date-October 17  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Lecture on Water Biomes  Chapter
 Tuesday  Computer lab -Biome Powerpoint with group
 Thursday  Computer Lab - Biome PP  Chapter
 Friday  Computer Lab - Biome PP  

Date-Oct 10  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Group readings with graphs research questions in lab book  Chapter  4-4
 Tuesday  Boreal Forest Food web  Describe 2 types of Ecological Succession (see text)
 Wednesday  Group Pogil on 
Ecological Relationships
Describe with comparison and contrast the 3 types of freshwater biomes
 Thursday  Final Hypothesis poster and personal hypothesis  Describe with comparison and contrast the 3 types of Estuaries
 Friday  Lecture on Water biome types   

Date-Oct 3  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Review test
 Review poster Hypothesis and revise in lab book,
 "Oh Deer" activity outside if weather permits
 List biotic and abiotic factors in Lynx and Hare enviroment
 Tuesday  Review yesterday and show short movie on Hare
Hand out Chapter 4 guided reading packets
 Chapter 4-1
Vocab, Reading and Assessment
 Wednesday  Lecture on Climate and Earth Biomes  Chapter 4-2
V, R, A
 Thursday Pogil group work on N.American Biomes  Chapter 4-3
V, R, A
 Friday  Chapter 4 Guided reading packet work Assembly scheduled in PM  

Date-Sept 26  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Climate webquest  Draw a CO2 cycle in lab book use words
 Tuesday  Finish Guided reading and go over in class, Review Webquest as well  Draw the nitrogen cycle in lab book with words
 Wednesday  Cycle Puzzles, teams  Finish guided reading to hand in
 Thursday  Review For Test  Study for test
 Friday  Test on Chapter 3  

Date-Sept 19  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday Lecture on Trophic levels 
(Chapter 3-2 focus)
 In lab book draw a food chain that includes Hare
 Tuesday Food web group Lab  list 10 plants/animals that live in Alaska or Canada's Boreal Forest
 Wednesday Finish food web/ Hare's web  Create an energy food Pyramid with numbers with Hare in it
 Thursday Cycles of Nutrient- Video on water and introduction to Carbon, Nitrogen and  Phosphorus cycles
(Chapter 3-3 focus)
 Lab book will be graded so take this time to make sure Chapter 1 up to date
 Friday  Nitrogen Cycle Passport activity/Lab  none

Date-Sept 12  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Introduction to Hare question  Chapter 3-1 reading/vocab/questions
 Tuesday Sharing Hypothesis Posters  Chapter 3-2 (all same above)
 Wednesday  Next step in Hare question, biome infor  Chapter 3-3 all
 Thursday  Carrying Capacity information  Vocabulary words make flash cards or study for quiz on Chapter 1
 Friday Vocabulary Quiz
Chapter 1

Date-Sept 5  Class Activity  Homework
 Monday  Labor day
 Tuesday  Working on products  Read/Vocab/Sec Assessment
 in text Chapter 1-1
 Wednesday  Completed products due  Read/Vocab/Sec Assess Chapter 1-2
 Thursday  Inference and Observation LAB  Read/Vocab/Sec Assess
Chapter 1-3
 Friday  Introduction to Hare Unit.  

 Aug 29
Class Activity Homework
 Monday No school  
 Tuesday No school  
 Wednesday Introductions/Syllabus
Menu acitivity
Bring in Lab book (Composition style)

 Thursday Begin work on 
20-50-80 Menu Projects
 Reflect on Steps of Scientific Method in Lab notebook
 Friday Continue to work on Projects

Date-  Class Activity  Homework