Physical Science Work

This is were I keep daily class work and happenings 

Tuesday, 1/31
Notes taken on electricity and Electricity Video and 19-4 of green packet stamped in class

Wednesday, 2/1 
Notes taken on series and parallel circuits.  19-5 of green packet stamped in class.

Thursday, 2/2
Notes on combination circuits.  Circuit lab from green packet.  Homework I of green packet, due 2/3

Friday, 2/3
Quiz: Electricity.  Homework I stamped and corrected.  Nature video w/ notes recorded. Notebooks collected

Tuesday, 2/7
Notes on Ohm's Law.  Stamp and correct Homework II.  Electric car video.

Wednesday, 2/8
Sulfuric Acid and Sugar.  Electric car video.

Thursday, 2/9
Fruit and Root Voltages.  Ohm's Law worksheet.  Electric car video.

Friday, 2/10
Quiz: Electricity, Ohm's Law.  Crossword in green packet.  Electric car video.  
Due today: notebooks, Ohm's Law worksheet, Electric car video worksheet.  
Due Monday:  Green Packet

Monday, February 13
Molecule of the Day:  H2, Hydrogen Gas
We started a Chemistry unit. We did the first 3 pages of our new yellow chemistry packet. Student work for the day was stamped.

Tuesday, February 14
Molecule of the Day:  He, Helium
We discussed and toke notes on Helium.  We thought about what we already know about Chemistry, recorded this information on group posters, and shared our agreed upon ideas with the class.

Wednesday, 2/15
The Counseling department met with the class and discussed registration for next year.  Students were given a transcript and a registration form

Thursday, 2/16
Molecule of the day: H+ ion.  We also discussed acids and bases and the pH scale.  We started testing various common liquids for acidity.
Quiz tomorrow:  Molecules of the week, acids, bases, acid lab and the first 2 pages of our chemistry packet

Friday, 2/17
We finished our pH lab and turned in notebooks.  We took a quiz.

Tuesday, 2/21
Today we looked at a couple reactions.  The first was the reaction Zinc and Hydrochloric Acid reacting to make ZnCl2 and Hydrogen Gas.  The second reaction was the combustion of Hydrogen Gas, H2.  I demonstrated these reactions for the students.  We also started watching a documentary film called "Atoms, Key to the Cosmos".

Wednesday, 2/22
We took some notes and discussed basic atomic structure.  We finished the documentary film "Atoms, Key to the Cosmos"

Thursday, 2/23
We examined, discussed, and categorized various mixtures as heterogeneous, homogeneous, and solution.  We completed page 11 of our yellow packet.  We answered some review questions from our book.  Some students started working on a poster  describing pure matter and mixtures.  There is a quiz tomorrow.

Friday, 2/24
Students finished textbook questions 1-13, and 14 on page 385.
Students continued work on their posters.
We took a quiz.

Monday, 2/27
We took notes and discussed chemical and physical properties as well as chemical and physical changes.  We worked on page 18 and 19 of our yellow packets.
Students were to read page 10 and do page 11 of our yellow packet as homework.

Tuesday, 2/28
Our molecule of the day was H2O.  We took notes on and discussed chemical properties and changes as well as physical properties and changes.  We started a worksheet on page 18 and 19 of our yellow packet.

Wednesday, 3/1
Our molecule of the was CO2 gas.  We performed a chemical reaction and attempted to capture CO2 gas as well as verify its identity based upon its physical properties.

Thursday, 3/2
We watched a Youtube video that demonstrated the properties of CO2 solid, Dry Ice.  We took notes on and briefly discussed CO2 solid.  Then we finished a video about historical discoveries in Chemistry that we started previously.  Students then worked on a previous poster assignment and/or page 18, 19 of their yellow packet.

Friday, 3/3
We discussed and took notes on a graph showing atmospheric CO2 levels through time.  Students finished their classification of matter posters, wednesday's lab write up, and then we took a quiz.

Monday, 3/6
Our molecule of the day was O2 gas.  We watched some Youtube videos demonstrating its important in combustion reactions.  We took some notes on O2 gas and then we did a short lab where we captured some O2 gas and speculated as to how we could verify its identity.

Tuesday, 3/7
We took notes on and discussed activation energy and enzymes.  We then did coloring and reading activities about enzymes/activation energy as well as the water molecule

Wednesday, 3/8
We watched a video about mixtures and solutions then answered the questions on page 13 of our yellow packet.  Students were assigned page 16 and 17 of the yellow packet as homework

Thursday, 3/9
We corrected our homework from the previous day and turned in our yellow packets.
We began a reading/coloring assignment about the special properties of water.

Friday, 3/10
Students registered for next year's classes.  And worked on a chemistry handout about Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Matter, and atoms.
Ms Barton was our guest teacher

Monday, 3/13
We are continuing our introductory Chemistry unit. Students were given a periodic table of the elements. We watched a video about the Periodic Table and answered questions on page 3 of our pink chemistry packet.  We then spent some time making an illustrated folder for our chemistry reading/art assignments and finishing a poem/crossword puzzle assignment given on 3/10

Tuesday, 3/14
Students took a "field trip" to the Poulsbo Middle School Library.  Here they saw a presentation about the geology of the our moon and viewed specimens of authentic moon rocks and soil.  We returned and continued work on our poem/crossword puzzles and chemistry folders.

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