Physical Science Work

This is were I keep daily class work and happenings 

Tuesday, 1/31
Notes taken on electricity and Electricity Video and 19-4 of green packet stamped in class

Wednesday, 2/1 
Notes taken on series and parallel circuits.  19-5 of green packet stamped in class.

Thursday, 2/2
Notes on combination circuits.  Circuit lab from green packet.  Homework I of green packet, due 2/3

Friday, 2/3
Quiz: Electricity.  Homework I stamped and corrected.  Nature video w/ notes recorded. Notebooks collected

Tuesday, 2/7
Notes on Ohm's Law.  Stamp and correct Homework II.  Electric car video.

Wednesday, 2/8
Sulfuric Acid and Sugar.  Electric car video.

Thursday, 2/9
Fruit and Root Voltages.  Ohm's Law worksheet.  Electric car video.

Friday, 2/10
Quiz: Electricity, Ohm's Law.  Crossword in green packet.  Electric car video.  
Due today: notebooks, Ohm's Law worksheet, Electric car video worksheet.  
Due Monday:  Green Packet

Monday, February 13
Molecule of the Day:  H2, Hydrogen Gas
We started a Chemistry unit. We did the first 3 pages of our new yellow chemistry packet. Student work for the day was stamped.

Tuesday, February 14
Molecule of the Day:  He, Helium
We discussed and toke notes on Helium.  We thought about what we already know about Chemistry, recorded this information on group posters, and shared our agreed upon ideas with the class.

Wednesday, 2/15
The Counseling department met with the class and discussed registration for next year.  Students were given a transcript and a registration form

Thursday, 2/16
Molecule of the day: H+ ion.  We also discussed acids and bases and the pH scale.  We started testing various common liquids for acidity.
Quiz tomorrow:  Molecules of the week, acids, bases, acid lab and the first 2 pages of our chemistry packet

Friday, 2/17
We finished our pH lab and turned in notebooks.  We took a quiz.

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