Recording Arts

In Recording Arts, students will be using technology to create music. Topics covered will include Digital Audio Workstation, MIDI, music fundamentals, recording techniques, audio editing, and careers in music technology. Students will develop skills in expression through sound, the creative process, and self-evaluation. Students will create a wide variety of literature through the year.  The curriculum is based on the Washington State Learning Standards.  

Recording Arts Syllabus 19-20.pdf

 Y1 Mixing Project 2

Mixing tips-  Video .     16-MIXING-TIPS.pdf

Here are the tracks for the mixing assignment

Assignment 5/14- Y1-  Video Game project

Here is an article about- writing video game music.

Here is a video about writing video game music.

Here is an article about creating soundscapes for film or video games.

Assignments for 4/29-  Year 1 assignment .       Rec Arts 2 q4 project

Here is a video and article about using ReWire with Notion and Studio One:
Video       Article

Here is the link to the Music Tech competition

Here is a video explaining EQ

Here is a video with good graphics about using Compression

Here is an article from SOS about Compression

Here is an article on mixing

Here is a tutorial on Mixing

Take a look at the Chrome Music Lab

Here is an article on making podcasts.

Here is an article about Decibels.

Cool stuff about sound waves 

Virtual Oscilloscope

Tone Generator

6/1 assignment- Click here

5/30 assignment:  Click here

5/24- Have project completed and saved to Red Flash or SD by the end of class period.

Click here for 5/21 assignment.

Click here for the Student Reflection Rubric

Click here for 5/10 assignment.

Here is a  website to help you develop music theory skills:

Here is a video about signal flow:

Here is an article outlining salaries for careers in music:  Music Career Salaries

Here is a video about mixing board basics:

Here is a video about setting up an audio interface with Live:

Here is a video about using Abletons's Vocoder:

Ableton- Getting Started

Here is an article about creating soundtracks:
Here is an article on compression:
Here is a html version of a Roland 909 drum machine:
Here is an article about different types of microphones:
Here is a video about being an audio engineer:
Here is an interesting site that looks at music composition:
Here is an article about recording guitar.
Here is a video about using one mic to  record guitar
Here is another article about recording guitar
Here is an article about recording vocals
Here is another.
Here is yet another.

Here is a video about miking drum set.
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