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Mr. Stanford

Hello Algebra students and families. During the Spring 2020 school closure you can get updates on what is going on in math and see what assignments are due by checking the calendar on this page.  ALL EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE POSTED ON A WEEKEND DAY TO SEPARATE THEM FROM ASSIGNMENTS.

At any time please email me with questions at

KHAN ACADEMY  Many students have contacted me looking for alternate work during the school closure.  I have created a Khan Academy classroom on line for this year's Algebra classes.  In it you can choose to work on material from Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry (looking ahead to next year...some summer activities???).  I will track your progress and use this progress as a measure for your semester grade.  The website is and the code to the classroom is: TQ297KGG  

If you have any questions please let me know. 

Chapter 6 makeup quiz Click Here
Chapter 6 make up test Click here page 1 Click here page 2/3

Zoom Meetings
Monday meeting 10:00 Password 096150
Tuesday meetings 1:30 Password 881894 2:30 Password 567558
Thursday meetings:  1:30  Password:813012 
Password: 699683

Zoom recordings 4/15 1:00  Password: P4%4%*8m
                                 2:30  Password: M0=4@..x
4/20 10:00Password: 1W=&17u!

                          5/10 10:00 Password: 0z#L8Z#+

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