Computer Science


AP Computer Science Test-Friday, May 17, 2019- 12 noon.  This is a programming intensive course using Java.  We are doing released practice tests from the College Board's website and enrolling in's AP review course.  I'll have the course code here later in the summer.

    Part I- Multiple , 40 questions, 75 minutes Part II- Free response, 4 questions, 75 minutes

AP Computer Science Principles- Friday, May 10, 2019- 12 noon.  This is more of a general survey course in computer science.

Euler Project- These are good challenges.  Our final exam for 2017-2018, semester one was based on problem 6.  Sum Of Squares

By the year 2020, experts believe that the number of job openings in the computer science field will be twice the number of qualified applicants.  This course will be designed for the new as well as the experienced programmer and will give you a solid foundation on which to build your readiness to enter the computer science arena.

In most computer science programs in college, the first course a student takes is a programming course.  Programming is not all there is to the computer science field.  However, the common thread in all areas of CS is working with algorithms- a step by step description of how to solve a problem.  Programming forces us to develop our algorithmic thinking skills.  Mathematics has the same demand- emphasis on algorithms and problem solving, but you don't have to be able to do the highest levels of mathematics to learn programming.

We are going to have several options for students taking Computer Science during the 2018-2019 school year.

Intro to Computer Science-  We are going to study a couple of different languages and computer science applications at a much more broad level.  Python and Go are going to be our primary focus for intro students. and use code 9BE1D.

AP Computer Science will dive deeply into Java, solving problems, proper format and program development.  I need you to register at: and use code


In both cases, we are going to start off with the material at  Codehs uses visual, easy to access material called Karel (AP Java) or Turtle Graphics (Python) for an introduction.  Such programs are used at nearly all schools including Stanford as a simple and safe way to introduce students to programming.  I realize some students have no experience and others have quite a bit of programming knowledge.  Both groups are going to complete the same unit on Karel or Turtle Graphics so that we all have a common experience to begin our discussions.