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Welcome to Mr. Nelson's Class! 
Phone:  (360) 396-3180
Welcome parents and students to my page!  Whether your child loves math or is really nervous about learning math, I believe they will be successful in my classroom.  I have all kinds of resources that will stretch the students who are looking for a challenge.  I also have support for those that get stressed out.  Either way, struggling or wrestling with concepts is how we get smarter- all of us.  If something comes super easy to you, it may not be making you necessarily smarter.  Please look at the Stanford research I have listed below and watch the video.

I want to thank you for your support at home. Please let me know any special circumstances that I should be aware of to better help your child be successful in my classroom. If you have any questions or concerns at anytime during the school year, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to getting to know your family.

Research is showing more and more that the brain is able to be rewired in a very short period of time.  Students who think they are bad at math can change that belief very quickly with the right mindset and experiences.  Researchers at Stanford are doing some great work around this idea.  There is a free course online you and your child can be a part of through Stanford.  Here is the link-  If you're having trouble accessing the link, you may need to create an account with Stanford first at  If you want to try out a short video from the course- Stanford Video Example

If you'd like to help with supplies or volunteer in the classroom, your help would be greatly welcome.

    ream of printer paper
    package of graph paper
    old calculators that you might want to donate
    any other classroom supply that you think would be helpful.
You could bring it by the office or send it with your child, but please have materials directed to me. If you'd like to volunteer tutoring during tutorial period or after school that would be helpful.  Please send me an e-mail expressing interest, and I'll send you the necessary paperwork.

Electronic Resources: 
When your child logs into the school district website at using their student id and login, they will have access to all of the Microsoft 360 applications that they have access to at school. 

We are going to do math every day. 

I believe through hard work, all students can be successful in math. Through hard work, you can make it look easy.

I've taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus in schools ranging from 2500 students to 100 students. I've taught mathematics in Brighton, England and Phoenix, Arizona. I've taught at North Kitsap High School and Kingston High School.

To be ready for math class, please bring the following things every day:

    Calculator (graphing, TI-84+ if you are in Precalculus, TI-30 if you're in Geometry), paper and pencil, small amount of graph paper Straight edge and coloring pencils
If you have any questions, please