AP Calculus

Welcome to AP Calculus!  This is a favorite subject of mine, because as my wife's math professor friend says "Calculus is the first field in math that can adapt to change."  In this course, we'll dig much further into topics that we previewed at the end of Precalculus, namely limits, derivatives and integrals.  Towards the end of the year, we'll start prepping for the AP exam so that you feel confident when you walk in to take the test that first week of May.  And finally, since I like to have fun, we'll do a calculus project after the test.  It's going to be an interesting and fun course!
Here are some documents and links that will help you along the way:

Helpful Links
Here's a link to some video instuction.  Just type in the content name you need help with:  https://www.khanacademy.org/ 

How to enroll in Khan Academy.docx
Here's the link to the free course "How To Learn Math For Students"
How To Learn Math For Students