World History

Newsday Article Review:


You will choose an article from the KRL World History in Context source that covers your assigned country and topic category.


Follow the above link to our library and use it to get to the KRL

  1. You have to copy the number to use the resources
  2. Find an article using the World History in Context (research, then homework help, then World History in Context)
  3. Use the rubric below to ensure success


Nigeria: political, economic, social

South Africa: political, economic, social

Kenya: political, economic, social

































Rubric for Article Review







Your Score


- Appropriate source selection

- Appropriate article selection

Minor edits needed – follow the details.

Major edits needed. Learn the details.

-Sport vs. PE


-Inappropriate article selection


Review of


Major points selected and discussed.

Same as 4, but selects couple minor issues or no supporting example explained

Does not focus on major issues

Missed the idea of the article.



Clear articulate writing used. One or two minor edits needed to be a perfect paper! Keep up the great work!

Minor edits needed. Proof-reading will help you. Read aloud to yourself and or ask others to read it out loud to you.

Major edits needed. Get help so you learn the process. You will write a lot as a teacher - need to be a competent articulate professional.

Turns in something. Not appropriate level work at all. Get help at the writing center.


Organization of writing

Well organized thinking that reviews the article, discusses the major points in an order that makes sense, and closes with your thoughts.

Minor jumping around on points. Could be better with few minor moves.

Major jumping around on points made in review. Major organizational edits needed to articulate clearly.

No organizational thought demonstrated in writing of review, major points discussed in the article, or your thoughts and ideas.


Your Thoughts

Articulates your thoughts on the article in clear manner. Discusses what you learned from reading the article or ideas you might use in the future.

Brief mention of thoughts, but did not elaborate. No mention of learning from reading the article.

Does not write any of your own thoughts or ideas about what is discussed in the article.