English 9 Syllabus

Mr. Brian Stephens

NKHS- Room 312



Welcome to English 9!

Over the course of the school year, we will:

  • Identify traits of good writing and apply all steps of the writing process, with an emphasis on selecting and analyzing textual evidence and creating layered elaboration.
  • Develop close reading, inference and analysis skills using sophisticated texts.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of our own writing through feedback and personal goal-setting.
  • Use communication skills and strategies to effectively present ideas and opinions in a variety of situation

English 9 Reading List:

Text Box: The House on Mango Street- Sandra Cisneros

Magical Realism Literature Circles (choose one book listed below):

A Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Bless Me, Ultima - Rudolfo Anaya

Like Water for Chocolate-  Laura Esquivel

The Ocean at the End of the Lane-  Neil Gaiman

Night- Elie Wiesel

Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare

To Kill a Mockingbird-  Harper Lee


Course Expectations

  • Come to class prepared to learn with writing tools, assigned literature and notes
  • Read the assigned literature.  You cannot contribute meaningfully to class discussion and learning cannot occur if you come to class unprepared
  • Students are allowed to retake any assessment one time by the end of the quarter.

Grading Scheme- This is a skill-based course and your final grade will be apportioned in the following way:

Reading: 40%

Writing 40%

Communication- 10%

Personal Responsibility (homework/ classwork): 10%



Classroom Rules

1.  Be in your assigned seat, prepared and ready to learn, when the bell rings.

2. Establish and maintain a respectful learning environment.

3. One person talks at a time.  Listen to the speaker.

4. Bathroom passes:  In general, you should avoid being in the halls during class time, but I recognize that once in a while, emergencies may occur.  You will be issued three bathroom passes per quarter that you can redeem, when necessary.  Keep these in a safe place so that you can access them when you need.  If you have a legitimate health issue I should know about, please let me know.

5. Personal Electronics, such as cell phones are to be put away during class time. If I see it, I confiscate it.  If you need to use your electronic device for a legitimate academic purpose, make sure you ask me first.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Plagiarism: Any time you use someone else’s words that aren’t yours, you are plagiarizing. 

How Not to Plagiarize:

  • Never copy someone else’s words directly!
  • When writing a paper, make sure you credit your sources by using quotations and MLA style citations. Ex.   In the third act of Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio says, “a plague a’ both your houses” (Shakespeare, III, I, 98)


*A student caught cheating or plagiarizing, will face discipline as detailed in the student handboook

My Pledge to You:

  • I will respect you as an individual while encouraging your unique insights and valuable contributions to the learning community.
  • Do everything I can to make lessons, interesting, engaging and enjoyable.
  • Provide extra help when it’s needed during tutorial, and when I have available time.

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