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WEDNESDAY, October 17

We are  discussing the end of Lord of the Flies and answering questions about what we have read.  Chapter 10 and 11 are on the Chapter 10 document.  We will have a final reading quiz Friday.

Chapter 10.docx
Chapter 12.docx

MONDAY, October 15

Today we are covering the end of Chapter 8 and all of Chapter 9.  Students should read Chapter 10 for homework if they have not read it already. We will finish the book by the end of the week, going into one week of writing another essay as the summative assessment for this book.  We will be in the computer lab all next week working on the essay. If your student has a USB memory stick, they will want to bring it.

Chapter 8(end)Chapter 9.docx

Word/roots of the week are: circum (around), centr- (middle, center), and cite ( to mention an idea from a text to support your opinion).

 Thursday, October 11

Today we discussed the reading quiz and how this book is very complex.  Sometimes we need to reread sections to make sure we understand, and that includes me.  I showed them the text evidence to support my answers on the reading quiz. Some students did not do well, and I wanted to demonstrate how to read the chapters to increase scores for next time.  I am not offering retakes, but there are plenty of other assignments to counteract the score. 

We also discussed LotF Chapter 7. Tomorrow we discuss Chapter 8, which they read in class yesterday.

The entry task today was:


  1. What happens when Ralph hits the boar with the spear?The spear falls out, but Ralph becomes very captivated by the hunt, and begins to behave in a savage manner.
  2. What happens when they reenact the pig hunt?The boys get carried away and actually hurt the boy who is pretending to be the pig. Jack thinks it is a great game, but even though Ralph gets caught up in the moment and is part of the hurting of the boy, he regrets it later.Also, this is where Ralph and Jack realize they hate each other.
  3. Who goes up the mountain to hunt the beast?Jack, Ralph, and Roger

Wednesday, October 10-

Today we did silent reading of Chapter 8 in class. Tomorrow we will discuss chapters 7 and 8.  The book is getting pretty dense and symbolic now.

The entry task today was:

Answer in complete sentences.

  1. What is something you like about Lord of the Flies? (don’t say “nothing”… find SOMETHING to like).
  2. What is something you don’t like about Lord of the Flies?
  3. How is your symbol/character developing? Is it static or dynamic?

We handed back reading quizzes for Chapters 4-6, and will discuss those tomorrow as well.  It was not an easy quiz, and I encourage students to go back and reread to make sure they understand some sections.


Homework for tonight is read Chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies.

Attached below are the answers for the blue packet and our weekly academic word, argue.

short story refresh.pdf

new doc 2018-10-01 15.36.17.pdf


Here is the assignment sheet the students are getting today with the reading schedule and other very important information (it's green like the jungle)

Lord of the Flies Unit Assignment Sheet NKHS.docx

Entry Tasks Week of September 24.docx

mem ology_2.pdf


Thursday, September 27

We started Lord of the Flies (LotF) Chapter 1, and are reading that chapter aloud in class.  The reading schedule will get handed out tomorrow (green packet). There will be many times the student will be asked to read for homework/independently.  If your student needs to check out an MP3 with the audiobook from the NKHS library, urge them to get in there and check one out.
audi phon.pdf

apply- to use an idea in a particular situation

 Tuesday September 25

Today we read and talked about Guy de Maupassant's short story "The Necklace".  It is in the blue packet.  There was time to finish annotating the literary elements in the story during class, and the packet is due tomorrow at the start of class.

We are starting our Lord of the Flies unit tomorrow, extending our awareness of literary elements in longer fiction.  After Thursday, there will be reading assigned outside of class, and it is important to the discussions to have it done.  There could be reading quizzes from time to time to check to make sure kids a reading the book.  

Friday September 21- Monday September 24

It was great to meet those parents to whom I had the opportunity to speak on Back to School Night!  It was a pleasure to see all of you!

Here is what we did in class on Friday:

plot line diagram of The Long Exile.pdf

literary elements The Long Exile.pdf

We started reading the short story, "The Piece of String" as well.  We will be doing the same exercises with this story before moving into "The Necklace" a the end of this week.

The Piece of String by Guy de Maupassant.pdf

Vocabulary words this week are "apply", "aud", and "phon". Doodlenotes are due Friday before the vocabulary quiz.

The completed blue packet will also be due on Friday.  We have been working on it in class, but if there are questions still incomplete from "The Long Exile", they should be completed pronto!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Today we discussed "The Long Exile" by Leo Tolstoy. The students had 8 questions to complete, and were given 30 minutes in class to finish.  Some took them home to finish.  Here is the link to the story:


REMINDER: Vocab quiz and Doodlenotes due tomorrow!

affect analyze.jpg
mar mer vis vid.pdf