English 9

Well, here it is! The final assignment of the semester! The PowerPoint presentation starts with how to write a narrative essay with definitions of key terms, essay structure, etc. and finishes with the assignment. It is quite helpful to view the entire PowerPoint before you attempt to write your narrative essay.  You can write it in first person, but it doesn't have to be if you feel your experience is too personal. The only form it cannot be in is second person (you). I'd love to give you feedback on your writing in order to help you prepare for next year. Email it to me no later than June 12th so I can have a chance to grade it before the school year ends. I've also attached a tutorial for formatting a MLA essay that will not only be helpful for this assignment, but good information to keep in a file for next year. 

Narrative Essay Powerpoint (1).pptx

MLA Format for Essays and Research Papers.html

Hi ladies and gentlemen! As many of you are finishing up your chapter questions, I've posted the next assignment which is all about the literary devices of Night. I've given you examples to help you with what my expectations are. If you have any questions, please pop me an email and I'll answer you back as soon as I can. The due date for this assignment is Monday, June 1st. We are so close, guys. We can do this! 

Night literary worksheets

April 29, 2020
Hi Guys!

I hope you are all still healthy and safe and not going quarantine crazy. I miss you guys. Thank you for continuing your education and getting these assignments turned in. Staying engaged is what will get you through the end of this school year and ready for grade 10. 

Air hugs!
Mrs. D


Hello English 9! Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and are ready to reengage in your learning. Below you will find the timeline for completing our unit on Night. I've attached a pdf of the book in case you were absent when we checked it out. 

1. Introduction -   Watch this video about Elie Wiesel, the author of the book Night:

2. Connection -  Read the following poem and write a paragraph explaining how this poem connects with Chapter 1 of Night. Use one quote from the book and one from the poem to support your claim. Type it and email it to me by 4/27/2020. If a computer isn't available to you, you can hand write it, take a picture of it, and email it to me.

Wiesel, Elie - Night FULL TEXT.pdf

Holocaust poem.docx

Night vocabulary.pdf      This is just to help in your understanding. There will not be a quiz. 

Dates for completing each assignment

April 15-17       View video on Elie Wiesel and read the preface to the new translation and the foreword for                                               background information.

April 20-24        Read chapter 1 and the Holocaust poem posted below and complete the assigned paragraph. Answer                               the questions for chapter 1. 

Apr 27-May 1    Read Chapter 2  and answer questions below

May 4-8             Read Chapter 3  and answer questions below  *Reading guides for chapters 1-3 due on 5/4.

May 11-15         Read Chapter 4  and answer questions below

May 18-22         Read Chapter 5 and answer questions below   *Reading guides for chapters 4 and 5 due on 5/25.

May 26- June 5   Read Chapters 6-9   Read and answer questions below. *Reading guides for 6-9 due on 6/8.           

June 8-12           Summative Writing Assessment - To be announced.

**To submit these assignments, take pictures of all pages and email them to me.  

3. Reading guides 

Night Chapter 1 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 2-3 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 3 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 3. 2 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 3. 3 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 4 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 5 Reading guide.pdf
Night Chapter 6-9 Reading guide.pdf