Welcome to AP Language and Composition!
AP Lang Syllabus 19-20.doc

May 18,
The AP Lang test is finally here this Wednesday at 11:00 am.Wow!  (You should sign on no later than 10:30 to get your info filled out before the writing timer starts)Finally! So many of you have worked so hard to challenge this test and I am so proud of you!!!
If you still feel you need some confidence building then write an essay and I'll give you feedback.

Here are the tips to keep in mind:
Remember that you MUST include the rhetorical situation. Speaker, Audience Purpose, Exigence, Context and tone.
Include words from the prompt.
Keep the Speaker as the focus of your essay - how is he/she communicating with the audience? Which rhetorical devices that is, and what is the purpose?
How does the context relate?
Include a paragraph on tone/shift in tone
We decided last week to have our Zoom meeting on Thursday at 11:00 to discuss the testing experience and what's next.
Here is the info:

Topic: AP Lang debrief

Time: May 21, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 992 1559 3522
Password: 928857

I can't wait to see you on Thursday! Please keep in touch this week with any questions and nerves before the test. If you want more feedback, write to a prompt and I will give you feedback. Please email me if you write another prompt so I can get back to you quicker.
Otherwise, GOOD LUCK you smarties.
Here is the latest ASB info:


  1. IT'S A TIE!!!!!! 

Executive Presidential election ended last friday in a TIE between Brianna Hoffman and Roan Aidane. We will have a Runoff Election this Tuesday meaning everyone will vote again for executive president.

When: Tuesday 8am-3pm 

VOTING LINK: https://j.mp/365vlZR



This week you will vote for your class officers and representatives. These are individuals who will directly be serving your class. 


-Listen to the candidates share their visions for NK 

May 21st: Zoom Town Hall: Candidate speeches @3pm Access:https://nkschools.zoom.us/j/96838384117?pwd=QVRUdW1ncStCeFVlRjNaTTRVbXR3Zz09



May 22nd: Class officer election (Voting Begins) 

Class of 2021: Access URL: https://j.mp/3dJlJ9E

Class of 2022: Access URL: https://j.mp/3cHdavP

Class of 2022: Access URL: https://j.mp/2LAmRjN

May 11
Hi Guys,
I sure miss your faces in person these days. I can't wait to see you all virtually later this week. I am going to repost the Timed Write prompts for you all. I am also going to post the Zoom info. I did email the invite to all of you. But first...IT'S ASB Exec Board elections this week.


The 2020 Executive campaign and election is here! Check out the ASB ELECTION 2020 VOTERS GUIDE for all information about the 2020 campaign, candidates and voting. ASB ELECTION 2020 VOTER GUIDE_.pdf

St. Joan.pdf

Zoom Info Per. 1:

PJDunbar@nkschools.org is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: AP Lang 1
Time: May 13, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 920 7578 5461
Password: 056189

Zoom Info Per. 5:

PJDunbar@nkschools.org is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: AP Lang 5
Time: May 13, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 951 3085 6580
Password: 811505

May 3rd
OMG! It is May already. Thursday and Friday are going to be summer-like and gorgeous and the parks are going to be open. Self Care people. Be efficient so you can enjoy some of that sunshine. It will make you feel better.

As for AP Lang. You have the prompts you need to meet the one timed write a week requirement. You also have the Sense of Place prompt which is not actually due until June 1. After the test I will assign the college essay assignment which I will want before the end of the year.

I have scheduled a Zoom for each of our classes as a check in and Q and A session. 
1st Period Wednesday at 11:00

Topic: AP Lang Per 1
Time: May 6, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 944 0386 0254
Password: 677337
Topic: AP Lang Per 5
Time: May 6, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 935 3396 4501
Password: 142636

I am hearing from most of you one way or the other and am always glad about that. Take care for now and know I'm thinking about you everyday. :)
I also received the updated testing schedule.
Here you go:
AP Test Date Exam starts: 9:00am Exam starts: 11:00am Exam starts: 1:00pm
May-11     US Govt and Politics
May-12   Calculus AB and BC  
May-13 Physics 2:Algebra-Based English Lit and Comp  
May-14   Chemistry Physics 1: Algebra-Based
May-15   US History  
May-18   Biology Environmental Science
May-19   Psychology  
May-20   English Lang and Comp  
May-21   World History: Modern  
May-22   Statistics Spanish Lang and Culture
AP Art and Design: 2D (May 26th is the deadline to submit 3 finished works of art in the Digital Portfolio)      

April 28
Hello my peeps, 
Per an insightful request, I have typed up the list of readings from this school year. If I forgot something, please let me know and I will add it to the list.
Here 'tis  ap reading list.docx

I have graded the first round of timed write submissions. This week I will be expecting the second timed write. You can scroll down on this page where I have posted 8 rhetorical analysis prompts. I also have posted them on TEAMS. I will continue to offer feedback to eac of you  in prep for the test.

I have scheduled a Zoom for tomorrow. 1st period is the same time. Here is the info:
Topic: PJDunbar@nkschools.org's Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 29, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 969 1298 7153
Password: 117061

5th period, I have changed the time to 1:00. Here is the info:
Topic: PJDunbar@nkschools.org's Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 29, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 968 7969 0662
Password: 763078

Hey There:
It's me again :)
I promised to give you direction to Teams so you can use that platform to turn in papers if you like.

Here goes:
Go to office.com
Log in with your student #@NKSchools.org 
Find Office app called TEAMS. 
You can turn in your work there.

April 23,
Hey You Guys,
It was so wonderful to be with you yesterday. It filled my emotional bucket - so thanks for that. :)

Here are some prompts for you to write to.
PLEASE: Remember that you only have to write one timed write a week. If you want more practice then by all means feel free to write more. I will give you feedback on them all.
I am also posting the Sense of Place essay prompt for your perusal.

St. Joan.pdf     
Rhetorical _1.pdf  

Pink Flamingo.pdf  

April 22,

See you in Zoomland soon!

April 20
Hellooooo everyone,
Happy Monday in Spring!
It was great, to say the least, to see you all last week. I love seeing your sweet faces. This week we scheduled Zoom meetings together and here is the following info:

Topic: AP Lang Per 1
Time: Apr 22, 2020 11:00 AM 
Meeting ID: 930 5832 4729
Password: 443482

Topic: AP Lang Per 5
Time: Apr 22, 2020 02:00 PM
Meeting ID: 941 1380 4948
Password: 516701

Thank you in advance for listening, reading or reviewing The Things They Carried  for our discussion on Wednesday. We will also talk about the trends I see in the timed writes. In the meantime, I am adding two more choices for the rhetorical analysis:
St. Joan.pdf     Kelley.pdf

REMEMBER: It is all about the rhetorical situation: Speaker, Audience, PURPOSE, Exigence, tone and the tools (rhetorical devices) the speaker is using to communicate it.

More to come...
miss you

Also, ASB campaigns and elections are happening virtually this year. Here is some helpful info:

ASB ELECTIONS FOR 2020-2021 ARE HAPPENING THIS SPRING! All campaigning and voting will be taking place online. If you or anyone you know is interested in running this year reach out to Mr. Prince ASAP (contact attached below). Prince will host a Zoom meeting this Wednesday at noon for those interested info can be found on google classroom or reaching out to Mr. Prince via email.



Google Classroom: ASB Election 2020-2021 Class code: k7sw5wv

April 15th
Hi All,
Sorry this is so late. I had it all typed and ready to go this morning and then I couldn't upload anything and then the content was lost. 

No matter - it's here now.

Today I am providing you with three essay prompts. Please choose 1 to write to and then submit to Turnitin.com.

For Period 1 the class ID is: 22549631
Password: Dunbar
Period 5 the class ID is 22549685
Password: Dunbar
Synthesis FRQ _1.pdf  Rhetorical _1.pdf  Argument _1.pdf

Again, if you want more practice, I will give you feedback.
Also remember:
Always remember the rhetorical situation. Speaker, audience, purpose and exigence.
In the synthesis you must have a minimum of 3 sources.
In your thesis, don't just restate the prompt or you will lose that point.
No Disney movie or the like references. No Harry Potter references.
Always address authors by their last names. 
Avoid weak intensifiers and second person "you."
Novels or Play titles are underlined or italics. One or the other. Articles, poems essays are in quotes.

I hope that helps. Also, I am going to invite you to a class Zoom meeting to check in. I'd like to start discussing The Things They Carried with you. Tomorrow let's do a check in and then set up another meeting next week.

For first period the meeting is at 11:00 am April 16th (tomorrow):

Meeting ID: 987 6594 7805
Password: 082139

For 5th period the meeting is at 2:00 am April 16th (tomorrow):
Meeting ID: 971 4572 5589
Password: 091375

I will email the invite to all the email addresses I have.
I think that is it for now. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

April 13, Monday

Hi Everyone,
I heard from many of you over Spring Break. SO happy to hear from you! I hope everyone had an incredible Easter!

Well, today kicks off the official distance learning we've been hearing so much about. 
First I want to give you my schedule. It looks like this:
All ELA teachers are available from 9-12 for online interactions with students. 
From 1-3 everyday are my office hours where you can email me for immediate-ish responses and the like.

I'm not sure what you will want from me but let's figure it out together. I can host Teams or Zoom if that is your need or just post assignments and due dates. We'll figure it all out - don't you worry.

This is what I have in mind for us:
I will post one of each type of essay - Synthesis, Rhetorical analysis, Argument every Wednesday. Please choose one to write for each week for the next four weeks until the test. I will give you feedback through Turnitin.com. 
If you are ambitious and would like to write more than one, I will give you feedback on all of them.
In the meantime, please finish The Things They Carried. I
 will give you some journal questions on Wednesday. We could have a group meeting to discuss the journal questions if you'd like. I will also post the essay prompt on Wednesday. Please ask any questions that you have once you see it. I want you to turn it in to Turnitin.com. I will post the codes for that once I have them.
Remember: I will be online waiting for you during office hours and especially tomorrow from 9-12. Give me some feedback.
I miss you terribly. More to come soon.

April 2
Hi All,
Here is a link for a free resource for practicing for the AP exam.
It's called 5 Steps to a 5 from McGraw Hill


This landing page contains the simple instructions for accessing the online resource:


March 31st
Hi Everyone,
I lament not seeing you all and find it repugnant not interacting with you each day. It feels inauspicious until we can all be back together in April. Until then I am wistful remembering AP Lang with you and can only not how elegiac it is. (hahaha)

As you all know - the AP test is different this year. It will be administered online and is only one FRQ. I want to start giving you practice timed writes - alternating the types.
Today I am attaching a rhetorical analysis. It is in the old format and so I am reminding you of how the prompt may be different.
They are going to want you to:
  • Respond to the prompt with a thesis that analyzes the writer’s rhetorical choices.
  • Select and use evidence to develop and support your line of reasoning.
  • Explain the relationship between the evidence and your thesis.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rhetorical situation.
  • Use appropriate grammar and punctuation in communicating your argument.

Here is the link to this prompt. If you choose to write it then attach it to an email and I will give you some feedback.

Pink Flamingo.pdf

Also, keep reading The Things They Carried. After Spring Break, we will be assigning actual work and assessing it as we head into 4th quarter. 
Other than that - take care and feel free to let me know what's up.
I'm just hanging out and doing my thing.

March 24
I'm sure you've all noticed by now that I have entered your timed write scores into Skyward. Proud of you guys for sure. My only comments are of course, no weak intensifiers, empty words like stuff :( and please capitalize the words in a title. Other than that, you are getting much more specific in your examples and elaborating more. Kudos!

Remember that you can and should be reading The Things They Carried. I'll give you more info soon. Oh yeah, here is the crossword key - Vocab Practice Key - WordMint.pdf.
Miss you all dearly. Take care.

March 20:
Hi Guys,
As promised, I made a ridiculous vocab practice crossword for you all to check out. I'll post the answer sheet in the next few days.
Vocab Practice - WordMint.pdf

I also created a blog page which I assume is really dorky - why change now? :)
Send me a story or photo or something if you like. Miss you guys.

Also, I thought if you wanted an opportunity to practice you excellent argument skills - you could - if you choose - write and submit the Law Day essay.There are prizes!
Here are the rules and prompt. The dates are a little catawampus, but the due date is actually April 24th.
Law Day Essay Rules - 2020.pdf

Many of you have asked about the uncertainty around AP testing.
Here is a link to clarify:

Hopefully this helps.

I'll be in touch - stay healthy!

Hi All,
If you need anything from me or want to turn anything in, I will be in the building tomorrow from 9-12 (3/19). If you need to turn in a book or check one out, the library will be open also.

March 18th update:
Hi all - I am attaching the vocab ppts in case you want to review the words. I'll create a crossword for you (yuck) so you can practice words. It is not required, just practice for you.
I miss you guys - let me know what you are up to. I'm super interested.
I'll be in touch...

Week 1  vocab wk 1.pptx
Week 2  vocab wk 2.pptx
Week 3  vocab wk 3.pptx
Week 4 vocab wk 4.pptx
Week 5  vocab wk 5.pptx
Week 6  vocab wk 6.pptx
Week 7   vocab wk 7.pptx
Week 8 Vocab wk 8.pptx
Week 9  vocab wk 9.pptx
Week 10  vocab wk 10.pptx

Hi Everyone. Here is what I have for now :)

Please read The Things They Carried. You can listen to it on Youtube - it is narrated by Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad).

To keep your skills intact for the AP Test, you can practice both multiple choice questions and timed writes online in the AP Classroom: https://apclassroom.collegeboard.org/

I have added as many opportunities to practice as I can.

Please let me know if you can't access the tests.
There is no time limit, but you should be able to see your results. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy - I miss you already!

Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 3/9 Ethical Issue Panel Presentation Finish Reading Henrietta Lacks
 Tues. 3/10 Ethical Issue Panel Presentation
Finish book for 3/10
Wed. 3/11 No class None
Thur.  3/12 Argument Timed Write None
 Fri. 3/13 Ethical Issue Panel Presentation

Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 3/2 Vocab week
Hela Cell art
Finish Reading Henrietta Lacks
 Tues. 3/3 Reading due
Reading Quiz
Ethical issues discussion
Finish book for 3/10
Wed. 3/4 No class Finish book for 3/10
Thur.  3/5 Ethical issue research Finish book for 3/10
 Fri. 3/6 Ethical issue research
Finish book for 3/10

 Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 2/24 Civil Discourse civil discourse.doc
Registration packets
Return TW
Begin Round Robin articles
Bring Textbook for Tuesday
Ch 12-22 by 2/25
 Tues. 2/25 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  Reading Quiz
Round Robin articles
Bring Textbook for Thursday
Ch 23-28 by 3/3
Wed. 2/26 No Class Bring Textbook for Thursday
Ch 23-28 by 3/3
Thur.  2/27 We'll see - TW??
Ch 23-28 by 3/3
 Fri. 2/28 Civil Discourse
Ch 23-28 by 3/3

 Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 2/17
No School

Ch 1-11 by 2/18
 Tues. 2/18 Vocab vocab wk 9.pptx
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  
Reading Quiz
Bring Textbook for Thursday
Ch 12-22 by 2/25
Wed. 2/19 No Class Bring Textbook for Thursday
Ch 12-22 by 2/25
Thur.  2/20 Argument TW  
Ch 12-22 by 2/25
 Fri. 2/21 Vocab Quiz
Analyze rhetoric in Political ads
Ch 12-22 by 2/25

 Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 2/10 Civil Discourse civil discourse.doc
" Letter From a Birmingham Jail"
practice MC
 Tues. 2/11 Breakdown of argument and rhetorical situation of Letter
Check out The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  Intro to book.
Bring Textbook for Thursday
Ch 1-9 by 2/18
Wed. 2/12 No Class Bring Textbook for Thursday

Ch 1-9 by 2/18
Thur.  2/13 Round Robin articles Read 
Ch 1-9 by 2/18
 Fri. 2/14 Civil Discourse Read 
Ch 1-9 by 2/18

 Day  In Class Activity  Homework
Mon. 2/3 Nuts and bolts
vocab Week vocab wk 7.pptx
 Tues. 2/4 Finish Presentations None
Wed. 2/5 No Class None
Thur.  2/6 Practice argument prompt
 Fri. 2/7 Timed Write
HW Read" Letter From a Birmingham Jail"
pg. 260 in textbook