English 12

Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 10/15 Finish The Namesake, define vocab words Catcher #1 (list can be found here ), begin learning about JD Salinger Finish vocab defs
Tues 10/16  Review voc defs (Catcher #1), finish up chat on JD Salinger, check out The Catcher in the Rye, begin reading  Healthy Youth Survey tomorrow!  Read Ch. 1-3 by Thursday 
Wed 10/17  HEALTHY YOUTH SURVEY Read Ch. 1-3 by tomorrow 

Date Today in Class Homework
10/8 Writing:  Arranged Marriage essay.  Need rubric?  It's right  here.
Essay and chart due Wednesday at the beginning of class.
10/9 Writing:  Arranged Marriage essay. Essay and chart due Wednesday at the beginning of class.
10/10  Turn in essay/chart and begin movie, The Namesake   no
10/11  Film:  The Namesake    no
10/12  Film:  The Namesake    no

Date Today in Class Homework 
10/1 Presentation preparation - TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Make sure you're ready for tomorrow's presentation activity!
10/2  We are halfway through the presentations and will finish tomorrow.  BRAVO!! WELL DONE SO FAR!!!  None 
10/3  Finish presentations.  Big fat schedule change.  None 
10/4  Complete chart for "Maid  Servant" and begin the next story - "The Disappearance" Finish "The Disappearance" by tomorrow p. 169-181 
10/5 Quiz: "Disappearance" and chat about the story, essay planning for Monday/Tuesday   

Date Today in Class Homework
9/24 Vocab defs: Arr Marr #3 (click here for copy), make predictions on the story, and keep reading
1. Finish definitions
2.  Read to p. 136
9/25  Review vocab definitions, quiz - "Maid Servant" to p. 136, continue reading. (that husband!!!)  Read to p. 151 by tomorrow. 
9/26  Discuss reading performance and improvement strategies, continue reading  Finish "The Maid Servant Story" 
9/27  Quiz - The end of "Maid Servant" + discussion.  Begin planning for small group dramatic presentations   Vocab quiz tomorrow - Arranged Marriage #3 
9/28  Voc quiz: Arr Marr #3, chat with Mrs. Sawicki about upcoming new class, work on scripts. None 

Date Today in Class Homework 
9/17 Vocab defs: Arr Marr #2 (click here for list), review writing from last week and your score, review clothes drawings, begin reading "Clothes"  Read to p. 24
9/18 Checked (but did not yet review!) definitions, quiz - "Clothes" and review the story FINISH THE STORY.
Review focab definitions, begin to "chart" the first two stories
9/20  Complete the chart for the two stories we've read, discuss the framing device, begin to read 'Maid Servant" Vocab test tomorrow and read to p 122 
 9/20 Vocab quiz, review the story, read on...

Date Today in Class Homework 
 9/10 Vocab defs Arr Marr #1 (copy of vocab list? click here), discuss the plot triangle, begin our study of "The Bats"
Finish definitions
Review vocab defs, practice identifying literary elements, continue reading "The Bats"
Finish reading "The Bats"
9/12 Quiz: "The Bats," we made a living plot triangle, discuss tomorrow's writing assignment
Pick your quotes for this quick writing assignment to be completed tomorrow.

Prompt:  Why is the story called "The Bats"?
 9/13 WRITING ASSESSMENT:  Need a copy of the task?  Click here 1. Study vocab list for tomorrow's quiz
2.  Finish writing task if you didn't turn it in in class today. 
 9/14 Voc quiz: Arr Marr #1, sketching important clothes, wrapping up week 1  NONE!!! 

Date Today in Class Homework 
 9/5 First Day!  Welcome back to school! 1.  signed syllabus (uh-oh.  Did you lose it already?   Click here)
2.  completed survey (click here)
 9/6 Book checkout, continuing discussion of expectations, license plate activity.  none.
9/7  Share license plates, practice identifying literary theme.  none. 

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