English 12

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/26 Voc defs: Suns #4.  Absent?  Get the list right here. Discuss Ch. 43-47, continue reading

Tues 2/27 Review definitions and watch "Search for the Afghan Girl" - absent? You can find the film by looking right here! Study those defs! Finish the book!
Wed 2/28
Review the end of the story, review the very end of the film in light of the end of the book (take more notes!) Start studying!
Thurs 3/1
 Fri 3/2

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/12 Vocab defs: Suns #3.  Absent?  Click here.
Finish vocab defs and read on...Chapters 27-33 by Wednesday.
Tues 2/13 Review vocab defs, finish viewing burqas, read! Chapters 27-33 for tomorrow.  Quiz?  Great idea!
Wed 2/14
Quiz: Ch. 27-33, chapter chat, start creation of murals Read Ch. 34-36
Thurs 2/15
Complete Bamiyan mural in groups Study!  Voc quiz tomorrow on Suns #3 list, read Ch. 34-36
 Fri 2/16

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/5 Vocab quiz - Suns Ch.1-5, define words for Suns Vocab #2. Discuss Ch. 1-5
Read Ch 6-15 by Wednesday
Tues 2/6 Review vocab definitions, discuss chapters 1-5 and begin reading Ch 6-15
Read Chapters 6-15
Wed 2/7
Quiz: Ch. 6-15 continue reading Read Ch. 16-22 by Friday
Thurs 2/8
Small group presentations Read Ch. 16-22 by tomorrow and Voc Quiz: Suns #2
 Fri 2/9 Vocab quiz, Quiz on Ch. 16-22, art task:  personalize your burqa Read Ch. 23-26 by Monday

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Tues 1/16 Extra credit quiz, continue reading thru Act 2, sc. 2 (until Duncan's death)
Study every night.
Wed 1/17 Read to the end of Act 2...almost!
Study, study, study
Thurs 1/18
Keep on reading...

 Fri 1/19 Read to the end of Act III

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 1/8  Essay return, grade chat and review, Shakespeare chat  
Tues 1/9
Start Macbeth
Do you understand what we read today in class?  If not, get to studying!  You need to review!  Also!!! Senior quote for yearbook due tomorrow!  Hall of Fame voting too!
Wed 1/10
Senior quotes and hall of fame voting in class today! No
Thurs 1/11
Continue reading Act I
If you are struggling to understand the play, study.  There are plenty of online sources to help you, but you must understand!!!
 Fri 1/12

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Tues 1/2
Wed 1/3
Thurs 1/4

 Fri 1/5

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 12/1
SSR! Read the article about crime in Tucson, discuss details and read "A New Reading of Arnold Friend" Think about tomorrow's essay prompt:  Is Arnold Friend a good guy or a bad guy?
Tues 12/12
Begin working on essay.  Topic:  Is Arnold Friend a good guy or a bad guy?
Wed 12/13
Laptops in class: essay writing
Essay due Friday!
Thurs 12/14
Film:  Smooth Talk
Essay due Friday!
 Fri 12/15 Film:  Smooth Talk
Happy holidays!

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 12/4
Finish film, define vocab words (need list?  Click  here), complete "End of Catcher" self-assessment Finish definitions
Tues 12/5
Review definitions - Where #1, hello Bob Dylan!, begin reading "Where Are You Going" Read to the end of paragraph 15
Wed 12/6
Quiz: "Where" paragraphs 1-15, discuss and begin bisected Connie drawing (absent? see criteria here Nope
Thurs 12/7
Finish and share two-sided Connie drawings, continue reading the story Vocab quiz tomorrow on Where #1 list
 Fri 12/8 Voc quiz: Where #1, finish "Where Are You Going..." and try to figure out who Arnold Friend is! None

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 11/27
Continue speeches, begin film
Tues 11/28
Film: Finding Forrester
Wed 11/29
Film: Finding Forrester
Thurs 11/30
Finish film: Finding Forrester
 Fri 12/1 No School - Teacher In-Service

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 11/20
Computer lab: finish Catcher writing Be ready to read your writing tomorrow!
Tues 11/21
Thank you notes, begin presentations We'll finish the remaining presentations tomorrow.
Wed 11/22

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 11/13
Quiz: The End! Discuss book's ending Catcher Test - 50 points on Wednesday
Tues 11/14
Create multi-layer timeline for story Study for tomorrow's test.
Wed 11/15
TEST:  The Catcher in the Rye, see Mrs. Campbell's party trick
Thurs 11/16
Read New York Times review of Catcher and finish list of Holdenisms.  Discuss requirements for speech/writing task (click here for requirements) Choose your quote for writing task
 Fri 11/17 Computer lab: preparing Catcher writing  none 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 11/6
Voc defs Catcher #2 (need list? click here), review Holden's social interactions Finish definitions and read Ch. 16-18
Tues 11/7
Complete film and begin working on small group presentations 1. Study vocab for Thursday's quiz
2. Read Chapters 19-21 by Thursday
Wed 11/8
CNN story on Salinger's unpublished writing, New York Times article (miss it?  click here) 1. Study vocab for tomorrow's quiz
2. Read Chapters 19-21 by tomorrow
Thurs 11/9

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/30
Voc list - Catcher #1 (absent? click here ), quiz on Ch. 1-7, discuss those chapters!
Finish voc defs and READ Ch. 8-11 by Wed
Tues 10/31
Review voc defs, small groups - chapter chat, continue reading
Read Ch. 8-11
Wed  11/1
Quiz: Catcher Ch. 8-11, discuss, make list of Holden's conversations in Ch. 8-11  Read Ch. 12-15 and prepare for Friday's vocab quiz
Thurs 11/2
Charting Holden's personal interactions
Read Ch. 12-15 by tomorrow, and we have a quiz on vocab Catcher #1
Fri 11/3

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/23
Finish film and timeline, return Arranged Marriage essays and chat, review unit grades and complete self-assessment, check out new book...THE CATCHER IN THE RYE!!!
Finish unit self-assessment.  Need a copy?  It's right here
Tues 10/24
NEW SEATS! Getting a little bit acquainted...Notes: Salinger
Read Catcher, Ch. 1-3
Wed  10/25
Thurs 10/26

Fri 10/27

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/16
*Guest Teacher
Return Arranged Marriage texts to library, read NY Times article, complete crossword puzzle

Tues 10/17
Wed  10/18
Film: The Namesake            None
Thurs 10/19
Film: The Namesake and begin completion of film timeline
Fri 10/20
Film: The Namesake 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/9
Finish "Maid-Servant" presentations, begin reading "The Disappearance"
Read "The Disappearance" - all 12 pages of it.  Seriously!
Tues 10/10
Quiz: "The Disappearance" and determine MOTW, assign writing task.  Need details?  Click here
Nope.  Not tonight
Wed  10/11
Essay requirements - review, prepare for TWO of the THREE body paragraphs by completing this form (well, half of it!).  Click here for the form             Prepare the outline (see left)
Thurs 10/12
Essay writing (need task?  see Tuesday above)
Fri the 13th!
Essay writing

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/2
Voc defs: Arr Marr #3 (absent?  Click here for list!), work on completion of triangle and figuring out the MEANING OF THE WORK!!!
Finish definitions and triangle!
Tues 10/3
Complete and submit plot triangle (finally) and review voc defs.  THEN, discuss the upcoming dramatic presentation and make a plan for your group's participation in it.  Need a copy of that handout?  It's right  here.
Start studying that vocab for Friday's quiz.
Wed 10/4
Writing script for Friday's performance w laptops in class. Friday's a big day: vocab quiz and dramatic presentations! 
Thurs 10/5
Finish preparation for tomorrow's presentations, finish/print scripts, choose costumes, rehearse  Voc quiz tomorrow (Arr Marr #3) and presentations.  Terrible day to be absent!! 
Fri 10/6
Voc quiz: AM #3, begin presentations!
None...except watch our Hawks!

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/25 Review "The M S's Story" and continue reading No.  It's Homecoming Week.  We're going to TRY to have zero homework.
Tues 9/26 Counselor visit: post-high school plans
Nope.  Not tonight.
Wed  9/27 Review writing results, discuss "Maid Servant" and continue reading None.
Work on plot triangle, color coding
Fri 9/29 Finish story   

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/18 Finish symbol presentations, complete definitions for Arr Marr Vocab #2 (absent? click here), begin reading "Clothes" Finish reading the story and complete definitions if you haven't already!
Tues 9/19  Review definitions, quiz on "Clothes" and begin working on "Clothes" timeline.
Finish timeline
Wed 9/20  Review "Clothes" timeline and discuss, discuss framing devices and begin reading Read "MSS" pp. 109-116
Thurs 9/21  Writing assessment: "Maid-Servant"
Absent?  Here's the prompt:

Prompt:  Describe the opening frame device in “The Maid-Servant’s Story” and discuss its possible purpose(s).

No more than ¾ page in length
Content – 10 point
Conventions – 10 points

Voc quiz tomorrow (Arranged Marriage #2) AND read p. 116-128
Fri 9/22  Vocab quiz: Arr Marr #2, discuss and continue reading NO!!! Not today. 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/11 Vocab defs - Arr Marr #1 (need a copy?  click here), a short film on India, begin reading "The Bats" Finish definitions and read to the middle of page 11
Tues 9/12  Review vocab definitions (quiz Friday!), quick quiz on "The Bats" and continue reading
Finish reading "The Bats"
Wed 9/13  Practice with literary theme, take notes (plot triangle!) Start studying vocab. Quiz Friday. 
Thurs 9/14  Review and discuss title, take a few little notes (figurative language), create chart.  Absent?  Click here  to see what's up.  Vocab quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 9/15  Vocab quiz: AM #1, finish symbol charts and share.  None. 

Date Today in Class Homework
 Wed 9/6 WELCOME BACK! Short class period!  Complete syllabus (click here) questionnaire (click here)
 Thurs 9/7 Chat about rules and expectations, write three sophisticated sentences of introduction, share introductions
 Fri 9/8 Discuss and review literary devices and things read previously  Not today! 
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