English 12

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 9/9  Vocab list #1 - define the words using your OWN words pls.  Absent? Click here. Read the first story in the text - "The Bats" up to page 11. 1. finish vocab
2.  do your reading! 
Tues 9/10  Review voc defs, quiz on "The Bats" and finish the story.  Not done reading? FINISH IT! Prepare a list of FIVE CONFLICTS IN THE STORY.  Write each like this:
________vs. ________
Wed 9/11  Analyze conflict and theme, prepare for tomorrow's writing task.  Why did she call this story by that title?????  Pick your quotes for tomorrow's writing task?  Vocab quiz Friday.
Thurs 9/12  WRITING:  Need prompt?  It's right here Vocab quiz tomorrow.  Did you finish and turn in your writing?  Great!  If not, it's due at the beginning of class tomorrow. 
Fri 9/13  Voc quiz, begin working on short story chart  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Wed 9/4
WELCOME BACK!  Nothing serious today except the syllabus!  Miss it?  It's right here. 1. get syllabus signed
2. finish note card task
Share note cards from yesterday, BOOK CHECKOUT, survey about prior school reading None
Fri 9/6  First - a few minutes of notes on literary devices, writing sample.  Prompt: Choose a book you've read in a prior class and write a paragraph or two on one of its important literary devices.  Please bring Arranged Marriage  to class on Monday!! 

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