English 12

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/23
Finish film and timeline, return Arranged Marriage essays and chat, review unit grades and complete self-assessment, check out new book...THE CATCHER IN THE RYE!!!
Finish unit self-assessment.  Need a copy?  It's right here
Tues 10/24

Wed  10/25
Thurs 10/26

Fri 10/27

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/16
*Guest Teacher
Return Arranged Marriage texts to library, read NY Times article, complete crossword puzzle

Tues 10/17
Wed  10/18
Film: The Namesake            None
Thurs 10/19
Film: The Namesake and begin completion of film timeline
Fri 10/20
Film: The Namesake 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/9
Finish "Maid-Servant" presentations, begin reading "The Disappearance"
Read "The Disappearance" - all 12 pages of it.  Seriously!
Tues 10/10
Quiz: "The Disappearance" and determine MOTW, assign writing task.  Need details?  Click here
Nope.  Not tonight
Wed  10/11
Essay requirements - review, prepare for TWO of the THREE body paragraphs by completing this form (well, half of it!).  Click here for the form             Prepare the outline (see left)
Thurs 10/12
Essay writing (need task?  see Tuesday above)
Fri the 13th!
Essay writing

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 10/2
Voc defs: Arr Marr #3 (absent?  Click here for list!), work on completion of triangle and figuring out the MEANING OF THE WORK!!!
Finish definitions and triangle!
Tues 10/3
Complete and submit plot triangle (finally) and review voc defs.  THEN, discuss the upcoming dramatic presentation and make a plan for your group's participation in it.  Need a copy of that handout?  It's right  here.
Start studying that vocab for Friday's quiz.
Wed 10/4
Writing script for Friday's performance w laptops in class. Friday's a big day: vocab quiz and dramatic presentations! 
Thurs 10/5
Finish preparation for tomorrow's presentations, finish/print scripts, choose costumes, rehearse  Voc quiz tomorrow (Arr Marr #3) and presentations.  Terrible day to be absent!! 
Fri 10/6
Voc quiz: AM #3, begin presentations!
None...except watch our Hawks!

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/25 Review "The M S's Story" and continue reading No.  It's Homecoming Week.  We're going to TRY to have zero homework.
Tues 9/26 Counselor visit: post-high school plans
Nope.  Not tonight.
Wed  9/27 Review writing results, discuss "Maid Servant" and continue reading None.
Work on plot triangle, color coding
Fri 9/29 Finish story   

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/18 Finish symbol presentations, complete definitions for Arr Marr Vocab #2 (absent? click here), begin reading "Clothes" Finish reading the story and complete definitions if you haven't already!
Tues 9/19  Review definitions, quiz on "Clothes" and begin working on "Clothes" timeline.
Finish timeline
Wed 9/20  Review "Clothes" timeline and discuss, discuss framing devices and begin reading Read "MSS" pp. 109-116
Thurs 9/21  Writing assessment: "Maid-Servant"
Absent?  Here's the prompt:

Prompt:  Describe the opening frame device in “The Maid-Servant’s Story” and discuss its possible purpose(s).

No more than ¾ page in length
Content – 10 point
Conventions – 10 points

Voc quiz tomorrow (Arranged Marriage #2) AND read p. 116-128
Fri 9/22  Vocab quiz: Arr Marr #2, discuss and continue reading NO!!! Not today. 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 9/11 Vocab defs - Arr Marr #1 (need a copy?  click here), a short film on India, begin reading "The Bats" Finish definitions and read to the middle of page 11
Tues 9/12  Review vocab definitions (quiz Friday!), quick quiz on "The Bats" and continue reading
Finish reading "The Bats"
Wed 9/13  Practice with literary theme, take notes (plot triangle!) Start studying vocab. Quiz Friday. 
Thurs 9/14  Review and discuss title, take a few little notes (figurative language), create chart.  Absent?  Click here  to see what's up.  Vocab quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 9/15  Vocab quiz: AM #1, finish symbol charts and share.  None. 

Date Today in Class Homework
 Wed 9/6 WELCOME BACK! Short class period!  Complete syllabus (click here) questionnaire (click here)
 Thurs 9/7 Chat about rules and expectations, write three sophisticated sentences of introduction, share introductions
 Fri 9/8 Discuss and review literary devices and things read previously  Not today! 
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