English 12


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 5/8 Group Task: Understanding dramatic turning point None
Tues 5/9
Wed 5/10    
Thurs 5/11    
Fri 5/12    


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/27 Short informational speeches  Be prepared to speak.  Need requirements?  Look below at Wednesday, 3/22 
Tues 3/28 Short informational speeches    
Wed 3/29 Short informational speeches    
Thurs 3/30 Short informational speeches    
Fri 3/31 NO SCHOOL - Parent Conferences  


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/20 Short speeches:  embarrassing moment No 
Tues 3/21 Finish short speeches, plan for short informational speeches (Elgin Marbles as example), watch 60 Minutes update on poor Sudan Be thinking of info speech topic 
Wed 3/22 Computer lab - research informational speech.  Requirements?  Click  here.
Thurs 3/23 Computer lab - research informational speech   
Fri 3/24 Informational Speeches - be ready!   


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/13 Works Cited expectations, work on PowerPoint presentation Work on presentation 
Tues 3/14 Work on PowerPoint presentation
see above.
Wed 3/15 Last day - make sure you're reading for tomorrow and be sure you spend some time with your sources and the Owl at Purdue site (MLA format, of course)   Tomorrow.  Presentation day. Can't wait.
Thurs 3/16 Group presentations   
Fri 3/17 Group presentations   


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/6 Film:  The Kite Runner  None 
Tues 3/7 Film:  The Kite Runner  None 
Wed 3/8 Film: The Kite Runner  None 
Thurs 3/9 Finish film and notes.  None 
Fri 3/10 PowerPoint project begins!  What is it?  Click  here None 

Date Today in Class Homework
Tues 2/28 We shared the emotional ending of the emotional book together. Finish the notes on Sharbat Gula.  We will be completing an in-class timed write tomorrow based upon article, film, and the novel.  Prepare.  That's a lot.  Need note-taking sheet?  It's right  here.  Have you seen the film?  It's right  below on Friday, 2/24. Watch it!  It's good.
Wed 3/1 Timed Write.  Absent?  DO IT!  Get the prompt  here Big, fat 70 point test on A Thousand Splendid Suns on Friday.  It's definitely time to review.  Read sections you may have missed, skim sections you read, review study guide, double check online sources. 
Thurs 3/2 Test Review.  Study. 
Fri 3/3 Test:  A Thousand Splendid Suns nope! 


Date Today in Class Homework
Tues 2/21 Voc defs: Suns #3 (absent? get list here), discuss chapters 34-36, sketch that EYE! Finish defs, continue reading.  See schedule above. 
Wed 2/22 Review voc defs, review eyeball art, begin reading about Sharbat Gula (absent?  article  here) and we are taking notes on this form - click here  Study vocab for Friday and read Ch. 37-42 for tomorrow. 
Thurs 2/23 Quiz: Ch. 37-42, discuss chapters (HELLO TARIQ!), and finish article notes.  Finish taking notes on Sharbat Gula article, Voc 3 quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 2/24 Voc quiz and watch Nat Geo film.  Absent?  Watch it here and take notes!  Read Ch. 43-47 by Monday 


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 2/13 Voc defs: Suns #2.  Absent? Click here    Quiz on Ch. 16-22.  Have you fallen behind?  CATCH UP.  It's time. Look at schedule above.  We chatted a bit about chapters. 1. Read.  2.  Finish defs  3.  Burqa done?  Due tomorrow. 
Tues 2/14 Review voc definitions, chapter chat, 3rd only - share burqas  Read Ch. 23-26 for tomorrow.  Seriously. 
Wed 2/15 20 point quiz on Ch. 22-26 (3rd/6th only) , review chapters, burqa presentations Study for vocab quiz, read Ch. 27-33 by Friday. 
Thurs 2/16 Finish burqas, read
See above?  Same thing tonight!
Fri 2/17 Voc quiz - Suns #2, review 27-33, timed write.  Absent?  Here's the prompt:  Click here Read Ch 34-36 by Tuesday


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 2/6 SNOW DAY!  Unexpected treat!   
Tues 2/7 (Absent today - sorry about that).  Vocab definitions - Suns #1.  Need list?  It's right here.  Then, quiz on Ch. 6-15.  Reading on...  Chapters 16-22 for tomorrow. 
Wed 2/8 See the schedule above? STOP READING at Ch. 22.  It's too rushed!  REVISED SCHEDULE COMING!  Voc quiz on Friday 
Thurs 2/9  Finished Ch. 6-15 presentations, burqa art!  What if you had to wear a burqa...but could express yourself in its design?! Voc quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 2/10 Voc test: Suns #1, finish burqa art, work on reading.  See that REVISED SCHEDULE up there?  We are sticking to it!  Read Ch. 16-22 

Today in Class

WHAT'S UP AFGHANISTAN?!?! (aka Mrs. Campbell's Afghanistan PowerPoint)
New semester, new seats, new book.  Absent today?  Get notes from a trusted pal... 
2/1    Final exam return, SENIOR QUOTES AND GRAD ADS, check out and begin reading A Thousand Splendid Suns    Read to the end of Ch. 5 by Friday. 
2/2    Discuss literary context: HOME, read poem, "Kabul," write a love poem to Poulsbo and continue reading    Read to the end of Ch. 5 by Friday. 
2/3    Quiz: Suns Ch. 1-5, discuss reading and continue    Read Ch. 6-15.  Yes, it's a lot.  


  Today in Class
  Study Oates's influences - "Baby Blue" lyrics and "Pied Piper"
  YES!  YOU HAVE HOMEWORK.  Absent?  Lose it?  Click right HERE!
  Discuss influences and begin reading the story.  Read "Where Are You Going" to the end of paragraph 15...and NO MORE.
  Read!  Stop at the end of paragraph 15
  Finish reading the story
  Discuss grades, the final exam, and watch Part I of Smooth Talk.
  Part of the final will be based on the article in the packet entitled, "A New Reading of Arnold Friend" and while we will read and study the article in class, maybe you'd like to get a jump start?
Date   Today in Class
  Film:  Much Ado About Nothing
  Work on finding best parts of film - add them to film sheet!
  Film:  Much Ado About Nothing     
  Film:  Much Ado About Nothing    Complete Macbeth self-assessment. Absent?  Click right here
 1/12   NEW UNIT!! Today we quickly researched the two decades related to our new reading, the 50s and 60s.  Elvis! Marilyn Monroe! 
  Not tonight.
  Review decade research, examine results, check out this oldie but goodie stuff in pictures.  Then?  BOB DYLAN.

Date   Today in Class

  Small group review of play
  Sharing small group work - begin preparing for Macbeth exam
  Finish review, complete Macbeth review sheet (need one?  get it here), watch some delightful scenes from the film.
  65 point test on Macbeth tomorrow AND Mac study guide due
  Macbeth test
  Go Hawks!

 Date   Today in Class
 12/5   Discuss and predict outcomes based upon Act III's important and interesting lines, watch a bit o' film: Duncan's death scene
 12/6   Review and discussion about the plot triangle and its application to Macbeth, finish reading Act II and continue on into Act III
 12/7   Act II Quiz, read, read, read, read
  Read AND UNDERSTAND to the end of Act III Sc. 3
 12/8   Review last night's reading and continue reading until we find the play's turning point
  YES! WRITING TASK.  Write one paragraph minimum on this topic:  Describe and explain the play's turning point and the events leading up to it.

  Today in Class
  We worked our way almost through Act I Sc 3.  DO NOT FALL BEHIND!
  Review yesterday's reading, watch a bit of the film, read on...
  Read AND UNDERSTAND to the end of Act I, Sc. 5
11/30   The "Have You Been Paying Attention?" Quiz, review, continue reading
  Read AND UNDERSTAND to the end of Act I
  Read a little, watch a little

    Today in Class
    Finish the film
    1. film comparison sheet? the yellow one?  due tomorrow.
2. Catcher unit review?  Due tomorrow also.​
 11/22     Work with Shakespeare's language
 11/23     Thank You Notes, The World's Most Difficult Word Search

  Today in Class
  WRITING TASK.  Are you ready with both a quote and a story in mind?  Review the requirements here
  No - we are doing our work in class right now.
  WRITING TASK.  LAST CHANCE FOR ON-TIME SUBMISSION?  Printed and ready to turn in at the beginning of class tomorrow.
  See that info to the left? Make sure that Catcher writing is ready.
  Submit essays for The Catcher in the Rye, begin watching Finding Forrester
  Nope.  Not tonight.
  Finding Forrester
  Not a thing.
  Finding Forrester
  Rest.  Relax.  Eat protein.  Get ready for Shakespeare next week!

    Today in Class
    Quiz - Catcher: The End (almost), complete work on hat advertisement and present
    Yes.  Seahawks @ 5:30
    Discuss the end and draw conclusions
    Discuss test and review strategies, complete super hard review puzzle
    Do whatever you need to do to be ready!
    Catcher test - 50 points
    Make sure you're ready to write on Monday!  You need quote and story idea.  Need writing requirements?  Look here

  Today in Class
  Guest teacher.  Quiz on Ch. 12-15, continue reading
  Voc test Tuesday (apparently!)
  Review yesterday, voc quiz: Catcher #2, review quiz on Ch. 12-15 and discuss chapters    Read Ch. 16-18
 11/2   Review important events, discuss Holden's hat
  Review all appearances of Holden's hat in the text to determine situations and outcome of the hat
  Read Ch. 19-21
 11/4   Discuss Ch. 19-21, (almost) finish advertisements
  Read Ch 22-25

  Today in Class
10/24   Vocab definitions: Catcher #2, quiz on Ch 4-7, read on....
  Read Ch. 8-11 for Wednesday
  Review vocab defs, get all caught up on reading
  Read Ch. 8-11 for Wednesday
 10/26   Small group task: BE the Sparknotes
  Catcher #2 voc quiz on Monday, read Ch. 12-15 by Monday
  Really, really, really grind our way through Ch 8-11.  Small group presentations with embedded quotes.
  See above

Date   Today in Class
  Essay return and chat, grade review/reflection, vocab defs - Catcher #1 (absent?  click here),  begin reading the frame portion of the novel
  Review vocab defs, library trip for book checkout, START READING CATCHER!!!
  Read Ch. 1-3 by Thursday.  Study that vocab!

Date   Today in Class    Homework
  Film: The Namesake
  Not today! Healthy Youth Survey tomorrow.
  Washington State Healthy Youth Survey
  Film: The Namesake
  Film: The Namesake
  Finish film, return Arranged Marriage text, work on that extra credit opportunity.  Were you absent? you can print it here

Date   Today in Class
  Review presentation expectations.  Work on presentations - writing questions and prepping answers.  Presentations start Wednesday.  Plan your words, friends. Need a copy? expectations are here.
Work on your presentation! Prepare the answers!  Costumes tomorrow...
 9/27   Today we worked and worked on our presentations, planning both the presentation script and the costumes
Presentations begin Wednesday.  That's tomorrow.
 9/28   "Maid-Servant" presentations today.
 9/29   Finish "Maid-Servant" presentations, self-assess  Nope.  Not tonight. 
 9/30   Read "The Disappearance" and complete the "Clue Sheet" - were you absent?  get that sheet right here   Happy weekend.

HAVING WEBSITE TROUBLES.  Don't worry - I'm not giving up!

Monday, 9/19:  Define vocab terms for AM #3 (list here),
review writing for "The Bats" and begin reading "Maid Servant".  HW:  finish definitions and read to top of page 116.
Tues, 9/20: review voc defs (AM #3), discuss story structure, continue reading.  HW:  Read to p. 140.  Yes.  140.  Seriously.
 Wes, 9/21: review last night's reading and read on...
                  HW: study for Friday's voc quiz

      Today in Class
Mon 9/12
Voc definitions: AM #2.  Missed it?  They're right here.  Begin reading "Clothes" while keeping track of ALL color references with page numbers.  Finish note-taking while reading to p. 29, finish definitions
Tues 9/13
Review vocab definitions, complete reading "Clothes" and finish list of color imagery - discuss. Plan for timeline activity tomorrow.   Get a head start on that vocab study.  Quiz Friday. 
Wed 9/14
Continue working on timeline.
 Voc quiz Friday
Thur 9/15
Finish timelines, plan presentation.  Voc Quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 9/16
Voc quiz: AM #2, sari timeline presentations
No.  Not today!

Day/Date Today in Class Homework
Tues 9/6 Define vocab words - list is called Arranged Marriage #1 (find it here), began reading "The Bats" in class but didn't finish  Finish reading "The Bats" and finish vocab if you didn't finish in class. 
Wed 9/7 Review vocab definitions, quiz on "The Bats"  Start studying for Friday's vocab quiz! 
Thurs 9/8 Study "The Bats": review plot, finding literary elements, prepare for writing  1.  Choose a quote or two for tomorrow's writing task.  Did you forget the prompt?  Here it is:  Explain the reasons the author chose to call the story "The Bats"
2.  Study for vocab test 
Fri 9/9 Voc quiz:  Arranged Marriage #1, writing task.  Absent for the writing?  Here's the prompt:  click here Nope.  None. 

Day/Date Today in Class Homework
Wed 8/30 We went over a few things!  Get syllabus signed (click here for an extra copy!) and complete both sides of questionnaire.  Need a copy?  Click right here! 
Thurs 9/1 Library visit for textbooks, introduction activity  None 
Fri 9/2 The beginning of the year activities are over and the real work starts next week!  Great start!  Thanks!  Nope! 

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