AP Literature

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Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 4/24 BOOT CAMP: Multiple choice - Phraxos Study test prep materials and TWs in your folder
Tues 4/25 BOOT CAMP Per 5: TW-Poem Study for test 
Wed 4/26    
Thurs 4/27    
Fri 4/28    


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/27 Review "Song" MC practice, finish reading the play, mine that last part for good quotes  Read NYT review of the play.  Absent?  Well, click right  here
Tues 3/28 Review scholarly articles, discuss MOTW ideas/bubbles  Finish EOP 
Wed 3/29 Find the MOTWs, review some TW prompts, check out Catcher  Streetcar TW tomorrow! 
Thurs 3/30 TW: Streetcar   Read Catcher by Wednesday, April 12
Fri 3/31 NO SCHOOL - Parent Conferences  


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/20 The play!   
Tues 3/21 The play!   
Wed 3/22 MC Practice: "Song" and then...The play! None 
Thurs 3/23 We read to the bottom of p. 147 - "Flores. Flores.  Flores para los muertos..."  DON'T YOU DARE READ ON.  See left.  And start filling in a little bit of the EOP. 
Fri 3/24 Well, we almost finished.  Scholarly article due Monday 

Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/13 POV Lecture Ver. 2.0 (we gotta get those scores up), continue reading the play.  Make sure you know how Sc 2 ends. 
Wed 3/15 Review "Visit to America" MC practice, keep on reading.  Complete "Magnolias in the Snow," poetry MC practice.  Allow exactly 13 minutes please. 
Thurs 3/16 Read play  No 
Fri 3/17 The return of the essays!  Read play  No 

Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 3/6 Quiz/TW chitchat, take notes - Tennessee Williams, check out Streetcar  META essay due tomorrow!  POETRY INTENSIVE DAY ONE.  Absent?  Click right  here.  
Tues 3/7 Revie Poetry Intensive #1, Set sketches  Poetry Intensive #2.  Need it?  Click  here
Wed 3/8 M/C Practice: "Visit to America" and double poetry TW return  Poetry Intensive #3.  Need it?  Click here
META ESSAY DUE TOMORROW.  Online, in print, and bring peer reviewed copy.
Thurs 3/9 FINALLY START THE PLAY!  Last one:  Poetry Intensive #4.  Need it?  It's right  here. Quiz tomorrow - plot triangle and POV
Fri 3/10 Quick quiz - and READ THE PLAY!  zip. 

Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 2/27 LECTURE NOTES + LIT TERMS 4.  Did you get the lecture notes?  All about POV and plot triangle.  Both will be covered on Friday quiz. Then we worked on our symbol timeline.  
Tues 2/28 M/C practice: Sense and Sensibility.  Absent?  It's right here - print and do!  Click here, finished plowing through Meta. Get most of that End of Novella sheet done - we will do MOTW in class! 
Wed 3/1 Review that pesky MC.  UPCOMING!
1. Quiz on Friday - Lit Terms 4 + notes
2. TW - Poetry 
Thurs 3/2 Finish discussion of Meta and determine its MOTW, complete end-of-novella sheet, discuss Meta take-home essay (due Tues).  Need prompt?  Click here. Prep for tomorrow. 
Fri 3/3 Quiz (lit terms 4 + notes) and TW: double poem  Meta essay due Tuesday. 

Date Today in Class Homework
Tues 2/21 TW: Poetry and we got a new list - Lit Terms #3!  Read Ch. 1 of Metamorphosis 
Wed 2/22 MC practice - exactly 12 minutes.  Absent?  You can do it at home - 12 minutes!  Click  here.  Also, began chat about Metamorphosis.    Lit terms 3 on Friday and read on in Meta to page 9, stop at "One day..." 
Thurs 2/23 M/C chitchat, "Jolly Hunter" review and begin Meta group task  Lit terms #3 tomorrow, read to p. 15 and stop @ "Throughout" 
Fri 2/24 Quiz - Lit Terms 3, symbol map of Meta  Finish reading Meta by Tuesday 


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 2/13 We got a new list!  Lit Terms #2, discuss excerpt TW practice, begin our work on "Love Calls Us"  RR: "Magi" 
Tues 2/14 Finish "Love" and share watercolors  Nope 
Wed 2/15 Merry Christmas!  aka study "Journey of Magi" and continue sweet art show.  YES.  READ "PRUFROCK" and mark any hint of Dante or Hamlet you see. Lit Terms #2 Quiz Friday, of course.
Thurs 2/16 Finish "Ozy" art presentations
Lit Terms 2 quiz tomorrow, "PRUFROCK" day
Fri 2/17 Quiz - Lit Terms #2, develop a deep and abiding understanding of "Prufrock" Read Ch. 1 of Metamorphosis (you can find it online) by Wednesday  


Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 2/6 SNOW DAY!  Unexpected treat!   
Tues 2/7 Book selection sheets due today!  Lit Terms List one today - quiz Friday.  New poem packet, small group large-sized Reading Response for "Ozymandias"  Read "Love Calls Us..." and RR 
Wed 2/8 Discuss things, review the chosen book titles (now posted in the room), review "Ozymandias"  No.  Bring your inner artist tomorrow. 
Thurs 2/9 Review prominent images in "Ozymandias" and create watercolor representation  Lit Terms #1 Quiz tomorrow. 
Fri 2/10 Quiz: Lit Terms #1, discuss this weekend's EXCERPT homework, finish watercolor work  Excerpt.  Define the topics for three paragraphs of timed write writing and draw lines to and circle bits of evidence in the passage. 

Date    Today in Class    Homework 
 1/31   We talked about many things, including the semester project.  Too soon to be too worried, but remember...pick an AP type fictional work by next week.  Don't worry - lots of guidance on that this week.    Be thinking about your book! 
2/1    Review final exam TW, review two papers in the pink (dusty rose) books    nah, not yet. 
 2/2   Review practice MC from final exam day, chat about AP test and estimate (WAY early!) our AP test scores, work more in the dusty rose books.    Green dusty rose book sheet due tomorrow. 
2/4    IN LIBRARY.  Last day in the dusty rose books, submit AP Paper Review (green paper)    Be thinking about that book title -  

  Today in Class
  Last day to get those presentations together.  They begin tomorrow.
   Presentations tomorrow.  Rest well!
  Let the presentations begin!!!!
  As long as you're ready to present!
  Presentations continue
  Yes.  Write a succinct paragraph in which you connect the yellow article to the novel.  ALSO!!!  Did you take your timed write folder home?  MONDAY!! 

Date   Today in Class
  Targeted peer review for Lear essay.  Final final final draft due online and in class on Wednesday.
  Lear essay due Wed, IM due tomorrow.  40 pt quiz.
  Quiz/Test - Invisible Man, review Lear TWs, discuss tonight's HW
  Prepare a division of Invisible Man into 4-6 parts.  How might the book reasonably be divided up?  Make your divisions, assign each section a little title, and note which chapters are in which section.

  What are the rules for the perfect PowerPoint presentation?  Find them here.
  Grouping of chapters, start big fat fun project.  Expectations are here
  Start working on and thinking about your project!
  Begin the real work on presentations and have a little check-in meeting with Mrs. Campbell.
  Work on presentation please. Thanks.
  Library: presentation work time
  Presentations due Wednesday

  Today in Class
   Holiday - NO SCHOOL
  Small group quick review of King Lear
  Begin work on scholarly articles - due Thursday
  Continue Lear review
  Scholarly article review due tomorrow

  Finally determine the MOTW, share scholarly articles, essay assignment (absent? click here for the assignment and here for the rubric), prepare for tomorrow's timed write.  Yes.  Tomorrow.  TW. 
  Review the text and your EOP sheet for TW, start working on that essay.  It's due Monday.
  Timed Write:  King Lear
  King Lear essay due Monday, both online and in print form

  Today in Class
 12/5   Review plot triangle as it pertains to Shakespeare's plays, predict primary conflicts, continue reading
  Finish reading Act II, Act II quiz tomorrow
   Act II Quiz, read, read, read, read...
 12/7    Begin reading Act III
  Continue reading through Act III, sc 7
  Begin work on the EOP sheet. Tonight:  Fill in Act I, II, and III AND complete Lear and add one character.  Missed today?  Need EOP sheet?  It's right here.

Date   Today in Class
 11/28   Today it begins!  KING LEAR!  We read to the end of Act 1, sc. 1.  Absent?  Catch up!  Don't fall behind!
  Review any portion of the reading you don't understand.
 11/29   Review yesterday's reading, watch a bit of film, continue reading
  Read and UNDERSTAND to the end of Act 1, Sc. 4
 11/30   Read, read, read
  Act I Quiz tomorrow
 12/1   Act I quiz, read, spend some time in the STOCKS, watch a little film

    Today in Class
 11/21     C-22 essay return, begin reading Invisible Man.  SHAKESPEARE TOMORROW!
    Nope.  Not tonight.
 11/22     Practice using Shakespeare's language
 11/23     Thank you notes, THE WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT WORD SEARCH

    Today in Class
    Finish C-22 EOB sheet for tomorrow
    Finish the film and FINISH THE EOB SHEET.
    Finish the dad gum EOB.
 11/16     THE RETURN OF THE TW, the Catch-22 timed writes.  Mini field trip to the library to get two (TWO!) new books, Lear and Invisible Man.
    1. Read "Fish" poem and do RR.  Did you lose it?  It's right here.
2. Read the "Prologue" to Invisible Man by Friday.
    Discuss "Fish" poem, review a few political cartoons, discuss satiric cartoon task
    1. Read Invisible Man prologue only
2.  Satiric cartoon - do it.  Miss the requirements?  Here they are:

Your satiric cartoon must be Horatian and not Juvenalian.

  1. What is being criticized?
  2. What is the tone?
  3. What tools are used?

While the cartoon may include color, it must be drawn in black ink.

    Satire presentations
    Bring Lear and Invisible Man on Monday.

  Today in Class
  Catch-22 essay peer review
  Rest well.  TW tomorrow
  TW:  Catch-22
  C-22 essay due.  "Due" means both in class in print form and online at turnitin.com.  No need to bring Monday's version (the peer edited copy).
  Discussion of upcoming events and started watching Dr. Strangelove.  Also discussed Monday's Catch-22  Pageant!  Need the info?  Click here.
   Prepare for Monday's pageant

  Today in Class
  Small groups complete Heller report card, begin work on scholarly article
  Scholarly article due Wed
  Discuss and combine report cards, list of 10 memorable events, work on article
  Scholarly article due tomorrow
  TW chat
  Essay due Monday
  Notes on satire (Juvenalian/Horatian?), sorting book's events in search of MOTW
  Essay due Monday
  Review essay requirements, chat about each of the prompts, essay work time
  ESSAY DUE ONLINE (turnitin.com) AND IN PRINT ON MONDAY.  No kidding!

  Today in Class
  Timed Write
   Catch-22 day tomorrow.  Bring book.
10/25   Mrs. Campbell's favorite chapter #1:  The Eternal City
  Read to the end of Chapter 40.  That's it - no more.
  In library for small group reading - Snowden.
  Finish da book.
  Finish da book - again - together! Discuss the things we do with big books.  First - the end of book sheet.  You'll need to get that in class.  You'll need to read this book review - click here. And here's the essay assignment - click here.
  Submit a document to turnitin.com.  Login info above

Date   Today in Class
  Quiz: C-22 Ch. 28-34 (whew), begin discussion of "Death of a TS"
  Finish work on "Death of a TS" - that takes a while.
  1.  C-22, Ch. 35-38 for Thursday
2.  "Cross of Snow" - mark it up.  Add a MOTW.  You know how.
  PSAT Testing for 10th/11th (and not much time left for much after that!)
  see above
 10/20   No Mrs. Campbell today.  Sorry about that.  In the meantime, there's a C-22 quiz (sorry about that too) and then DOUBLE READING RESPONSES.  In class?  

Group 1 and Group 4:  “Daddy”

Group 2 and Group 5:  “Up-Hill”

Group 3 and Group 6:  “The Cross of Snow"

  See those three poems to the left?  For homework, write a reading response for one your group did NOT do.

Date    Today in Class
  Wrapping up self-definition and kicking off next unit
  RR:  "Because I Could Not Stop for Death"
  Washington State Healthy Youth Survey
  see above
  present self-def posters, look even harder at Emily
  1. Read C-22 Ch. 25-27
2. Complete Emily translation sheet.  Absent?  Get it right here
  Catch-22 quiz (25-27) and chitchat.  Work our way through Emily's date poem
  Read "Thanatopsis" and add a few dividing lines in there. Where might new stanzas have been created?
  Work on "Thanatopsis" and determine meaning, start on "Death of a TS"
  Finish reading and marking the symbols we know (...dawn=beginning of life, etc)
ALSO C-22, Ch. 28-34

Date   Today in Class    Homework 
10/3    Quiz: C-22 and discuss, read "The Storm"    RR for "The Storm" 
10/4     Discuss "The Storm" - our reactions and the reactions of critics
  RR: "Barbie"
10/5     Guest Speaker: Mr. Martin's College Chat
   Yes, C-22 Ch. 19-21
10/6     C-22 competitive crossword quizzing, TW return and discuss
  Reac C-22 Ch. 22-24 by Monday.

Date   Today in Class
 9/26   STARTING SELF-DEFINITION UNIT! Warmup poem:  "Bitch" and then oral reading of "Girls..."
RR for "Girls..." and remember our next C-22 date:  Ch 9-15 by Wednesday.  Need a copy of the C-22 schedule?  It's right here.
 9/27   Group analysis of "Bitch" and "Girls..."
C-22 due date tomorrow.  Ch. 9-15!  It's a big chunk of reading!
 9/28   C-22 day, reviewing Ch. 9-15.  Point value?  nil.
No HW (except to keep on reading)
 9/29   So many things. 
1. We answered the hardest questions in the world
2. Brief college chat
3. Vote on C-22 schedule
4. Discuss "The Wings" in anticipation of tomorrow's TW.  Is your post-it note ready to go?  
 Timed write tomorrow. Sorry.
 9/30   Timed write (sorry).  Read Ch. 16-18 on ​C-22​ by Monday 

Monday, 9/19: Finding PNP in the real world.  Examples due tomorrow.  Needmore info?  Look here. HW:  Read C-22, Ch. 7-8

Tuesday, 9/20: Quiz and discuss C-22 Ch. 7-8, sharing real world examples of our PNP theme.  HW: Begin to review all PNP readings for quiz later this week.
 Wed, 9/21: Presentations continue.  Continue to review PNP packet.  Quiz on Friday.

Day/Date Today in Class Homework
Mon 9/12 notes:  figurative language, study "Mending Wall," and the last three poems. Read Ch. 3/4 in Catch-22 
Tues 9/13 Quiz: C-22 Ch. 3-4, review plot basics (we took notes!), begin reading "A Rose for Emily"
Next C-22 deadline? Friday: Chapters 5-6
Weds 9/14
Finish reading "A Rose for Emily" and prepare for tableau project
Friday: Chapters 5-6 in C-22
Thur 9/15 Timed write return and discuss.  Finish tableau for "Emily"
C-22 day tomorrow.  Chapters 5/6
Fri 9/16  Quiz: C-22, wrapping up "Emily" w/art and presentations
C-22 Ch 7-8 due Tues

Day/Date Today in Class Homework
Tues 9/6 Discuss grading and reading response requirements, review AP test info, analyze "The Red Wheelbarrow"  Read "On Broadway" and RR.  What are the RR requirements?  Look here
Wed 9/7 Discuss "Broadway" and "One and Twenty" and get reading schedule for C-22  Read to end of Chapter Two in Catch-22 by Friday. 
Thurs 9/8 TW #1: Poetry  Read C-22, Ch. 1-2 
Fri 9/9 Quiz: C-22, Ch 1-2, discuss yesterday's TW poems ("The Long Hill" and "Mirror"), review Reading Response requirements  Read "Mending Wall" and RR 

Day/Date Today in Class Homework
Wed 8/30 We went over some things!  1.  Signed syllabus.  What?  You lost it?  It is...here 
2.  Read Agassiz.  Lost it?  Click here
Thurs 9/1  Mini MOTW practice, book checkout, interviews Nope. 
Fri 9/2 We finished all of our beginning of the year activities and the REAL WORK starts next week.  Enjoy the weekend.  No 

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