AP Literature

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/26 Discuss excerpt task, discuss literary terms list #1 (quiz Friday!)
Outline potential prompt response for Peregrine excerpt, start studying Lit Terms List #1.  Need that list?  Click right here.
Tues 2/27 Per 3: b-ball sendoff and lockdown drill
Per 3 and 4:  discuss Peregrine excerpt, continue reading King Lear
Finish Act II
Wed 2/28  3rd: girls b-ball
4th: quiz
Begin reading Act III 
study for the lit terms quiz on Friday 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/5 Discuss Shakespeare and begin reading King Lear
RR: "Lake Isle"
Tues 2/6 Shakespeare all period long. Bell to bell.  Best day ever. No
Wed 2/7
Read Act I No
Thurs 2/8
Continue reading Act I, share "Ozymandius" art No
 Fri 2/9

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 2/5 Discuss Metamorphosis Ch. 1, discuss "Jolly Hunter" (RR due)
Read Meta Ch 2
Tues 2/6 Discuss the metamorphoses in Ch. 2, discuss that sonnet, "Ozymandias"
Read Meta Ch 3 for Thursday (because tomorrow is art day, baby)
Wed 2/7
WATERCOLOR DAY! Meta Ch. 3 for tomorrow.
Thurs 2/8
Metamorphosis Ch. 3 Notecard quiz!

 Fri 2/9 TW: Meta

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 1/22  Timed Write: Invisible Man
1. Work on take-home portion of final
2. Practice M/C
Tues 1/23
Begin working on essay
1. Work on take-home portion of final
2. Practice M/C
Wed 1/24
Continue working on essay 1. Take-home portion of final due at final exam period
2. Practice M/C
3. Essay due at final exam period.

Thurs 1/25

 Fri 1/26 FINAL EXAMS 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Tues 1/16 Presentations
Scholarly article due Thursday
Wed 1/17 Presentations
Scholarly article due Thursday
Thurs 1/8 Scholarly article review 

 Fri 1/19 EOB/MOTW chat, scholarly article presentations
Timed write on Invisible Man on Monday.  Let Finals Week begin!

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 1/8  Invisible Man presentations   
Tues 1/9
Invisible Man presentations, review of presentation criteria, assignment of topics

Wed 1/10 Senior quotes and voting today!

Thurs 1/11
Presentation preparation

 Fri 1/12

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Tues 1/2
Test: Invisible Man
RR: Invisible Man
All article reviews are due tomorrow.  In print.  Cleaned up, please.
Wed 1/3
Test review, list of ten most important events (in chron order)
List of 10 most important people in the novel (no narrator) in the order in which they appear.
Thurs 1/4

 Fri 1/5

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 12/1
Review "Dialogue" and then take it on - "Prufrock" Invisible Man Ch 4-6
Tues 12/12
Quiz: Inv Man Ch. 4-6, working on figuring out "Prufrock"
Finish Inv Man by the end of Winter Break
Wed 12/13
Catcher timed write return, select scholarly article for review
Read your article!
Thurs 12/14
Laptops in class:  Writing article review
Article review due tomorrow
 Fri 12/15 Laptops in class:  Writing article review
Happy holidays!  Read that book!

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 12/4
TW:  Catcher Read "Prologue" of Invisible Man
Tues 12/5
Quiz: Prologue, read Chapter 1 of Invisible Man. 1. One paragraph version of the Story of the Magi
2. Read IM Ch 1-3
Wed 12/6
Share Catcher art, discuss the Magi, begin our study of a few difficult poems RR: Journey of Magi
Thurs 12/7
Art show version 2.0, finish analysis of "Journey of the Magi" Read "Fish, Man, Spirit"
Read IM, Ch. 1-3
 Fri 12/8 **DOUBLE QUIZ DAY**, discuss opening of IM, discuss notable aspects of "Fish" Read Ch 4-6 of IM by Tuesday, read "Dialogue Soul/Body" by Monday

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Mon 11/27
Review the novel's end, review character timeline Finish EOB
Tues 11/28
Practice TW prompts, begin work on scholarly articles Finish scholarly article
Wed 11/29
Practice TW prompts, review and share scholarly articles  None
Thurs 11/30
Practice TW prompts, finish watercolor of Catcher tableau Read Invisible Man prologue by Tuesday
 Fri 12/1 No School - Teacher In-Service See above.

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