NKHS Athletic Facilities

North Kitsap High School
Athletic Facilities
Athletic Training Room
North Kitsap's athletic training staff consists of two full-time certified athletic trainers, 30 student athletic trainers, an orthopedic team doctor, and a community advisory committee, all working to help provide the 400-plus Viking student-athletes the best available medical care with a state of the art athletic training/athletic medicine classroom.
Aux Gym
Auxiliary Gym
The auxiliary gym at North Kitsap High School has a multipurpose (tartan) flooring which allows it to be used both for physical education purposes, athletic purposes, and other school events. This space has a maximum occupancy of 290.
Baseball Fields
North Kitsap High School has two baseball fields on campus. The south field (varsity field) has covered dugouts and is fenced. There is a batting cage to the south of the field with two full size batting cages on a cement pad.
Fitness Center
Fitness Center
The North Kitsap High School fitness center is equipped with state of the art fitness equipment for the student-athletes, student population, and staff members to work out.
Locker Rooms
Locker Rooms
The locker rooms at North Kitsap High School serve for athletics and the physical education classes. In both the boys and girls locker room, there are 500 physical education lockers (small lockers) and 150 athletic lockers (large lockers).
Main Gym
Main Gym
The North Kitsap High School main gym was remodeled in the 2003-2004 school year. It re-opened in March of 2004 and has a suspended wood floor and a seating capacity of 1536. The lobby of gym has a concession stand, restroom facilities, along with tables to eat at during events.
NKHS Stadium
North Kitsap Stadium/Track
North Kitsap Stadium is home to the North Kitsap High School football teams, soccer teams and it's track and field team. North Kitsap Stadium has MondoTurf (not pictured) with a polyurethane track. The seating capacity for North Kitsap Stadium is 2,500 with stands for both the visiting team and for the home team (covered).
NKSD Community Pool
The NKSD communtiy pool is used for both the NKHS boys (winter) and girls (fall) swim teams.  The pool has six lanes for swimming competition and also serves the North Kitsap communtiy by offering swim lessons, and club swimming.   
PE Classroom
PE Classroom (Room 803)
The PE classroom is used both for education purposes and for team purposes. During the school day, this class room houses the lifetime wellness classes along with the health classes. For athletic purposes, this space is utilized for team meetings, film review and the educational aspect of athletics.
Fastpitch Field
Softball Fields
There are two softball fields at North Kitsap High School sit right behind Vikings Stadium. The field to the South (the Varsity Field) has covered dug outs and metal bleachers for spectators. During the spring, a portable outfield fence is put up on this field to enclose the field.
Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts
The tennis courts at North Kitsap High School provides a great place to watch tennis matches and tournaments. With the Olympic Mountains in the distance, spectators can watch tennis on six courts while sitting on the hillside or in the bleachers. There are three courts that are lit up at night so a person does not have to worry about it getting dark.
NKHS Weight Room
Weight Room-
The North Kitsap High School weight room is equipped with state of the art free weights for the student-athletes along with the NKHS weight training and physical education classes.  Located under Vikings Stadium, the weight room is open after school on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.