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1. Do I need to register for each season? YES. New for 2019-2020 you must register your student athlete for each separate season. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Login to your account, and most of the information will auto-populate!

2. When I register my 9th grade student on Family ID, the concussion test expiration date does not show up? They took the test in the spring, what should I do? *Concussion test dates will be updated once the Family ID Registration comes through. Feel free to email our office and let us know your student has taken the test!

3. When I register my incoming 9th grade student on Family ID, the physical expiration date is inaccurate. How do I make sure the middle school sent the physical to you? * Middle school physical updates will be made beginning August 16th. Physicals are good for two years, so make sure the one from the middle school is current.

4.  I home school my student, how do I register for sports? * Home school students must complete a Sports Only packet prior to registering for NK Athletics which will be available in the Athletic Office  8:00-3:00pm M-F. 

6. What is the sports schedule for 2019-2020? * Olympic League has the most up to date sports schedule.