Emergency Information - Closures, Delays, Early Dismissals

snowy road


As a district, we recognize the importance of continuous learning even in an unplanned closure. Due to the distance learning and hybrid in-person schedules we have this year; we are making adjustments to our inclement weather procedures. For this school year, our inclement weather days will now be remote learning days whenever possible. On inclement weather days, students and teachers will remain on the current distance learning schedule.

View the updates on our 2020-2021 Inclement Weather Procedures page

School closure, delay and early dismissal due to weather, road conditions and power outages are always a possibility in North Kitsap.

Road conditions may vary in different parts of our district so parents and guardians should always use their own discretion in determining whether to send children to school or pick them up early if they feel conditions in their particular area are not safe.

Because student safety is our number one priority and many of our parents/guardians are not able to return home from work to meet their children, our district will only dismiss students early from school in extreme situations. Parents should have a back-up plan if this happens. In the event of worsening weather conditions, the district may decide to release and transport secondary students (grades 6-12) early so that buses are ready to pick up elementary students at the scheduled time.