Graduation Requirements

All public high school students are required to meet statewide graduation requirements in order to earn a diploma. The goal is for students to be prepared to meet 21st century demands in their academic, career and personal lives.

The Washington State and North Kitsap School District graduation requirements are as follows:

1. Earn High School Credit

grad requirments

2. Pass Washington State required tests showing achievement in basic skills OR 
      Complete Washington State approved alternatives to those tests:

  • ACT / SAT / AP / IB Exams

    Students may use scores on college admissions (ACT, ACT with Writing, SAT, SAT with Essay), and specified Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) tests to show that they possess the knowledge and skills expected of high school graduates.

  • Dual Credit Courses

    A student who completes a dual credit course in English language arts or mathematics in which the student has the potential to earn college credit may use passage of the course as a graduation pathway.

  • Transition Course (Bridge to College class)

    Passage of the Bridge to College course in English language arts or math may be used as a graduation pathway.

  • Armed Services Vacational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test

    More information to come

  • Career and Technical Education Sequence of courses and Industry Recognized Credential or College Credit

       More information to come

3. Complete a High School and Beyond Plan

4. Complete the Washington State History requirement (usually completed in 7th or 8th grade)

For more detailed information please click here to view the OSPI Class of 2021 Graduation & Assessment Toolkit & Checklist