West, Shelley

Hola Parents, Guardians and Students,

I still need to put two assignments in the Gradebook (6/5 & 6/12), but I wanted to let everyone know that all final grades are an A or an Incomplete (I) this semester.  I also wanted to make sure you were aware that I can’t change the Fs in Skyward unless you complete the assignments. Gradebook grades are not accurate and won’t be. They wanted to turn off Family Access Gradebook, but kept it open because families would need to know about missing assignments and the PERS assignment (Weekly Participation). My posted grade of an A or an I, will override anything that has been entered in the gradebook. If you were passing 3rd quarter or completing work 4th quarter, you will receive an A. If you were not passing 3rd quarter and if you have not completed work 4th quarter, you will receive an Incomplete. All late work needs to be turned in by June 16th if you want it in Skyward. The VHL website for your class will disappear the 19th of June. If you didn’t complete any activities, you probably should, since you will need them for your future Spanish classes.  Please email me if you are confused or need help.

¡Que tengan un buen verano! Have a great summer!

Sra. West

I teach Spanish I and II courses.

I can be reached at: