Goar, John

Hello My Name Is...

John Goar
Classroom phone: 396-3192
E-mail: jgoar@nkschools.org

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Here's a little bit about me.

I teach freshman physical science and run the Astronomy Club at NKHS.

This is my fifth year at NKHS.  Previously, I taught at Kingston Middle School where I taught 8th grade science and/or math.  This is my 35th year teaching.  I am married to Leatha. We have two daughters:

   Allison - A graduate of NKHS and of Western Washington University.  She finished her master's degree at Colorado State University and is now on the faculty at CSU in the Ethnic Studies Department.

   Julia -  A graduate of KHS and University of Montana.  She is working on her master's degree.

I graduated with a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley -- 1983 -- with majors in Botany & Ecology.  I was in the Cal Band.

I won a Golden Acorn award in 1999. 

I have donated over 35 gallons of whole blood and platelets in my life.

I rode a bicycle across the USA twice.  Have been to 46 states and 5 foreign countries.

I am a certified Master Observer (telescopes) by the Astronomical League.

I am a member of the Olympic Astronomical Society (

I build and operate large aperture Dobsonian telescopes which are available for public viewing.

In 2018, I traveled to Chile to become an ambassador for American astronomy interests in that country as part of the ACEAP (Astronomy in Chile Educators Ambassador Program).

I enjoy music, chess, bicycling & chocolate.  I can play saxophone.

My favorite authors are Mark Twain, S.M. Stirling, and Sherman Alexie.

My favorite scientist is Gregor Mendel.  William Herschel was pretty cool, too.

I had the honor of teaching 
Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) 9th grade pre-algebra in the late '80s.

I will lead a telescope outreach program at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park in the summer of 2020.  That will be the 11th year that I have run the outreach program.  In 2016, I won the George & Helen Hartzog Outstanding Volunteer Service Award from the National Park Service.

I have a website dedicated to my telescope activities.  It is