Nieland, Eric

  Welcome to the NKHS Engineering Program

As of June 8 - No new assignments will be posted. Please check your Skyward grading account to be sure that all of your past work has been accurately recorded.

Distance learning assignments will be posted on a weekly basis to the Documents page of this site

Basically, you have THREE options for weekly participation:

(1) Drawing the weekly CAD Option exercise, or...
(2) Creating a  hands-on cardboard model of the weekly CAD Option exercise, or...
(3) Writing a report on the topic presented in the weekly article and video review.

There is also a weekly leadership activity, to be drawn from the updated 4th Quarter Engineering Stay-at-Home Leadership List, which you can also find in the Documents page of this site.

(As of May 11, the PPE project has been moved into the leadership activity category)

Please check the classroom page for your class from the menu on the left for more detailed information, and be sure to check your school e-mail for weekly updates on all your classes.

Remember, all weekly downloadable assignments can be found in the Documents page from the menu on the left.