Need A Book Recommendation?

Digital Book Advisory

Always feel free to ask for help finding something to read.  Sometimes, though, it's helpful to look for advice online.  The sites below are excellent.

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Epic Reads - One of the best websites for all things YA lit.  My favorite recommendation.

Playbuzz book quiz - Take this quiz to find out what to read next

Your Next Read - Start with a book you've enjoyed.  This site will recommend several similar books.

What Should I Read Next? - Very similar to Your Next Read (link above).

Teen Reads - Lots of good information on all things YA.  Author information, new books, contests, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Fantastic Fiction - Fiction books - not just YA - organized in several easy to access ways. Also includes biographies of over 40,000 authors and information on over 500,000 books.

The Book Seer - Simple format.  The 'book seer' speech bubble asks you to fill in the blanks for "Sir!  I've just finished reading ______ by ______ .  What should I read next?"  Results given by an Amazon or LibraryThing search.

Teen Book Finder - Free online database of YALSA's award winning book titles.  Follow this link to scan the QR code or download the app for Andropid or iOS.  These are librarians' favorite books for teens.

Kitsap Regional Library Recommendations - try these:
(For KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)

*Booklists for Teens 
NoveList Plus 

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