NKHS Soccer Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Soccer as a lifetime sport – provides a challenge and a sense of achievement

School and family should be the top priority for student athletes - community

service is also important – we represent NKHS and our home town – we want to

develop good soccer players who are also good citizens

Playing for the love of the game – the enjoyment and the welfare of players

comes before the results of the game

Every coach is responsible for supporting that enjoyment factor – encouragement

and nurturing – provide a fun and challenging atmosphere

Skill development and accomplishment are also important factors - helping

players to improve their skills and raise their self-confidence goes a long way

towards developing well-rounded soccer players that are respected by their

peers as well as adults

Coaching is part teaching and part motivation – improving individual and team

performance, as well as encouraging team spirit – providing leadership

Each player is an individual, but the TEAM is paramount – everyone must do

their best as an individual and work together as a unit – developing mutual trust

and respect

Leadership development is also a priority – team and class captains will play a

major role in training and team-building – developing responsibility

Skillful play is a hallmark of a good team – individual skill and team tactics –

soccer is a game of skill, not brute force – play hard and give your best effort

Intelligent play is also a foundation of a good team – understanding the flow of

play and sound on-field decision-making

Fair play is essential to a successful team – play by the letter and spirit of the

“laws of the game” – no diving, no intentional or professional fouls, and no

inappropriate language or obscene gestures – good sportsmanship at all times –

respect the game and respect the decisions of the referee

Winning is important and playing to win is always a goal, but winning is not the

sole measure of success – those who really love soccer care less about who won

the game and more about the manner in which it was won

Players and spectators should acknowledge good play on both teams and allow

for mistakes or errors of effort

Good communication between players, parents, and coaches is vital

Soccer-wise, we do demand a great deal from my teams, but we understand the limits of

each player’s ability. We expect everyone to do their best during training sessions and

games, while keeping it all in perspective because we also understand that they are

student athletes and not professional athletes. We reward effort as well as ability and we

try to recognize players who have worked to improve their skills and fitness. Our training

sessions are designed to be both fun and challenging and include conditioning and skill

development. During a training session we try to work from fundamentals to the game

level, focusing on one or two areas of play each practice. As a coaching staff, our job is

to organize training sessions, observe play, and instruct the players such that each

individual improves and contributes to the overall team effort. We believe that the game

is the best teacher and as such, my training sessions are “game-oriented” rather than

drill-oriented. We will generally progress from warm-ups to technical skill work and then

to games, with conditioning included at all levels.