About Me
My Family and friends in TurkeyBonnie NK 2012 Grad
I have taught North Kitsap High School students since 1982. I loved teaching at the Marine Science Center, and now teaching Chemistry i at North Kitsap High. My family traveled to Turkey many summers ago, and I cannot wait to go back some year and learn about the biology of the Med and ruins of ancient peoples. This first picture has me in the front left, my son Patrick and my daughter Bonnie behind me.  They are much younger here as they are 28 and 24 !  My son works at a bank and my daughter is a mother of the most adorable boy in the world (no lie). Our friends the Carrolls' are there too, in front of the library at Aphrodesius. My husband Jim is the photographer. The second picture has Jim and I with Bonnie on the day she graduated from NK.We are so proud of her! We love to travel, ski and play at the beach. I am an avid reader, gardener and music lover. I also love to photograph our trips and my families activities. In 2009-2010 our home was home to our Exchange "daughter"Wakiko from Japan.  
I have been the Cheer Coach/Advisor since 2014 and spend lots of time on the athletic fields and gym. Hope to see you around the school and at concerts, sports events and plays, ask me and I would love to come see your extra-curricular activities.
Holly Foley
Biology Teacher