Useful Websites & Miscellaneous Information

Download this neat app for authentic exposure to native French speakers and topics/themes to help you improve your reading/listening abilities en français! Learn French with TV5Monde!  (Apprendre le Français avec TV5Monde!)

Our Rond-Point curriculum with audio and flashcard practice opportunities

Quizlet (Search 'lhaveman1' to find our school, classes, and curriculum/chapters.)

British Broadcasting Co (BBC) French Language Learning Resources

American Association of Teachers of French

Audio Lingua: Sort your topics of interest and your level of French for listening opportunities so that you can improve your comprehension of spoken French!

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language: Standards for Language Learning

Larousse Online Dictionaries



Available dictionaries on this great website!  Includes examples of usage, whether it is a standard or "familiar" French term, and a sound option so that you can hear how the words should be pronounced.

News in Slow French

Short weekly news clips in slow and comprehensible French.

In addition, there are quizzes, common expressions and how they're used, and grammar lessons!

Online app for French-language learning:

Conjugate verbs and more verbs!

French-language videos for learning current events and language as well: (for interesting and accessible articles and videos en français) (for a myriad of ways to interact with French cultures and the French language online)

Teach English in France!