French 103: Univ. of WA in the High School Program



We are privileged to be able to offer the opportunity of earning 5 credits through the Seattle campus of the University of Washington through the "UW in the High School " program.  I am an extension lecturer for French 103 through this program, and successful students who sign up for the credits in the fall and pass the course will establish a UW transcript by taking this course here at NKHS in Poulsbo. 

Please know that on the Seattle campus of UW as of August 2019 the average grade earned for this course was a B+.  Parity in grading for all students regardless of where they take the course is very important as per Tim Stetter, director of the UWHS program in Seattle.  Please contact him directly if you have questions about grade inflation or about the UWHS grading policy as it relates to courses taught on campus in Seattle versus taught on high school campuses across Washington State.

Merci beaucoup,
Lola Haveman
NKHS French Teacher