Team Information

Summer Training

Begins after July 4th! Team captains and I will be meeting soon to nail down days/times. I will send this out to you all as soon as it's set. Expect three days a week in the morning. Again, these are open kickarounds and are captain-led without any adult supervision. However, coach Rider and myself will do our best to make it to as many as we can. Although these training'sare not required, they are highly encouraged–not just for fitness/training opportunities, but also to get a head start on team building and is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to get to know potential teammates and classmates. 


Some traits us coaches are looking for at tryouts:

• Awareness/decision making (do you make good choices on and off the ball? Possession is key!)

• Strength, speed (long range and quick bursts) and agility

• Technical ability–ALWAYS be improving your technical skills

• Uniqueness/creativity–What makes you stand out? Do you take risks? Where and when should you?



Tryouts are August 26 and 27. Registration will be open in mid July. Please don't put this off and get your physicals up to date sooner rather than later! Here's a link to our registration page:

As for tryouts, players are expected to be in game-ready shape. We don't have enough time to work on fitness! I can't emphasize this enough. Please hold yourselves accountable and work hard to get to where you need to be. If you need any tips or help, just ask!



Here's a link to our team page on



Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to another great season!



Greg St. Peter

NKHS Head Soccer Coach