NKHS Dramatic Performing Arts Scholarship

This award consists of five separate scholarships which reward the talent and potential of students seeking to continue their theater experience.  The amount of the scholarships will be determined each year by the annual scholarship committee.  The total awards shall not exceed $5000. 


The awards shall be offered for best Musical Performer, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.  The best Musical Performer award shall be double the amount of the Best Actor or Best Actress award. 


All award monies shall be obtained based upon donations, fund raising efforts and grants.  All such funds will be kept in a separate ASB account designated “private funds.”  These funds may only be used in conjunction with fund raising efforts and awards.  The Drama Director for North Kitsap High School shall be the administrator of funds, a non-voting member of the annual scholarship committee, and will entertain suggestions for the awards committee from community, alumni and academic groups.


These awards are not based on financial need or academic achievement.  They are based upon real talent displayed at juried performances.  Juried performances are the High School drama productions and the Spring Scholarship Production.  Any conflict of interest shall be addressed by the Drama Director of North Kitsap High School.



This scholarship program is designed to help students further their theatrical experience through professional and formal training in the performing arts.  As a non-profit educational program it will conform to all rules of equality and equity as established by the North Kitsap School Board.  All scholarship funds will be paid directly to the agency or professional providing the professional or formal training.  No award shall be made directly to the student.   This award is based on talent only!



The recipient must be a full-time student at North Kitsap High School.  The recipient of the Musical Performer scholarship must audition and be screened for the competition production.  The recipients of  these scholarships must have performed in one or both of the North Kitsap High School's Drama productions for the calendar school year.  Any student may win these awards regardless of class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) and may be eligible to win again in their next school year.



GENERAL GUIDELINES                                                                                                  

  1. Each student is automatically a candidate by participating in a North Kitsap High School production as an artistic performer on stage.
  2. Musical Performer Scholarship candidates must prepare a Broadway Stage Musical number with costumes, music and choreography for audition.
  3. Audition winners will advance to the Scholarship Production competition.
  4. The audition piece may not exceed 7 minutes and must use appropriate accompaniment (no soundtracks).
  5. Any performance may be video taped for educational and judging purposes.
  6. No video recordings will be duplicated for any reason!
  7. Potential recipients must submit a plan for the use of funds.  All funds must be used within a 12 month period.  (Due no later than May 1st.)
  8. Funds not dispensed within the calendar school year will be retained for future awards.
  9. No funds will be paid directly to the recipient.
  10. All judging is done based on the primary performance given and cannot be re-evaluated by attending a later production or repeat performance.
  11. Any disputes or queries should be addressed to the North Kitsap High School Drama Director.
  12. Any submitted material must be appropriate for a high school or older     audience.  Inappropriate material or a change in material from the original audition piece shall be cause for disqualification.



The committee, made up of Community Theater, Alumni and Academics, will judge the entries using competency criteria as shown below.  They will select 12 finalists for the Musical Performer Scholarship competition.  This award will then be given based upon the judge’s competency evaluation and audience response.  All judging ballots will be kept secret until the Spring Scholarship Production.  All award recipients will be announced at the end of the production.


Applicants will be judged on the basis of the actor’s ability to demonstrate concentration, control of material, flexibility, and versatility of voice, movement and expression.  Vocal and physical versatility must also be demonstrated.  The actor should demonstrate that they understand the character, purpose and sequence of their chosen piece and/or performance.  The performance should be believable and make the audience care about what is taking place.



How many scholarships will be given?  There will be one award in each of the five categories.

Must I buy a ticket to the performances?  Judges and performers need not buy a ticket.  All others must have a ticket!

May I receive more than one scholarship?  Yes.  If you are chosen for Best Actor or Best Actress, and Best Musical Performer you may receive both scholarships.

May I transfer or give away my awards?  No.  Any funds not used directly by the recipient will be returned to the scholarship fund for future dispensation.

May I use my funds for private dance lessons?  Yes.  You may use your funds for lessons, schools or tuitions of any kind pertaining to the performing arts.

What is a full-time student?  A full-time student is determined by the North Kitsap High School District School Board and certified by a high school counselor.



North Kitsap School District and/or its employees are in no way liable for a recipient’s failure to complete their chosen course of study or the quality of the chosen course of study.  Once funds are distributed they are under the discretion of the agency, school or professional to whom they were assigned.