Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the trip?
We will leave early in the morning on Friday, April 4 and return the night of Tuesday, April 7.

What is the deadline to sign up?
Be advised, enrollment for the tour will be limited by bus capacity, plane tickets, rooms, concert tickets etc. In order to guarantee your space on the tour, and secure the lowest monthly payments, register by the Registration Date. In addition, Band Boosters will periodically send  in  funds to distribute to all accounts in  (money set aside to hopefully offset the total trip cost  for everyone) and if you are not on the list you may not receive the benefit of receiving fundraising Boosters has earmarked to bring costs down.  Late registrants will be accepted on a first come first served basis, based on availability.

How do we pay for the trip?
We are starting early enough that anybody who wants to go on the trip, can go on the trip.  They just need to make it a priority and commit to the goal.
The Band Boosters will be sponsoring fundraisers to help students cover the cost of the trip. When we went to NYC in 2017, several students covered the entire cost of the trip through booster fundraisers.
Or, consider this scenario, which may be more likely:
a.    960 10 days of minimum wage work over the next 352. Only 10 days!  That’s it!!
b.    600 from parents
c.    200 birthdays, Christmas gifts etc from extended relatives 
                (letter writing campaigns work well)
d.   233 fundraising
   $1993 – total trip paid for!!!

When and how will roommates be determined?
We will be assigning rooms based on student requests in February. All students will be placed with at least one of their requests.

What about special dietary needs?
Please let us know if you have dietary needs that have to be accommodated. We can request that the restaurants chosen be able to meet those needs.

How is supervision being handled? Will my child be safe?
Students will be assigned to small groups supervised by a chaperone or chaperones. The vast majority of the time we spend in NYC will be as a whole group, with little opportunity to wander off.

My student has friends/relatives in NYC. Can he/she go spend time with them while in the city?
Our schedule is so full, there will be no time for students to go off with relatives or friends during the trip. This also goes for parents who are chaperoning/attending – you will not be able to take your student off for individual family time. All students must remain with the group during the trip. Friends and relatives are welcome to attend our performance.

 Parent attendees – what do they need to do in order to be approved?
In addition to the standard volunteer form required for all school district volunteers, adults participating in this trip will have to get fingerprinted at the district office. 

 What are the expectations for chaperones/adults?
The basic rules for school field trips apply – no smoking, no drinking, no drug use. We will be having a meeting for parents going along to go over specifics.

What about instruments? How are they getting there?
Carry on if possible. Some items will need to go into checked luggage. 

What do parents/students need to pack? How many outfits will we need to bring?
Pack for changeable weather – anything from sunny to rainy. Bring comfortable shoes. Students will need to bring concert wear for our performance. A nice outfit would also be good to include (for the Broadway show, dinner out, the other concert…)

Will we be able to walk around at all, or will we be on the bus all the time?
We will have a bus to take from point to point, but much of the time will be on foot in Manhattan.

What Broadway show we’re going to see?
We don't know yet.  Details will be shared as soon as we know.

Will there be a pool or hot tub at the hotel?
Unlikely. Most hotels in NYC don’t have space for a pool or fitness center.

When is curfew?
Will be determined by our schedule, once it is finalized.

How much money should we bring?
All transportation, lodging, events will be paid for, and all meals except two will be included. So bring enough for a couple meals, some snacks, and souvenirs. The exact amount will depend on your personal budget.

 How will we get to the airport and back?
All families are responsible for getting students to and from the airport; no transportation will be provided. Carpooling is encouraged. Airline regulations request that all travelers be at the airport at least two hours before departure.