novembre 2019

12 novembre 2019:  Please write 6 sentences, skipping lines, in pencil, on a new sheet of paper - to turn in at the start of our next class.  In French, please describe yourself.  "Je suis . . . J'ai . . . " (personnalité et physique)  Use your notes, your at-home textbook, your vocab sheet, a dictionary, or for single words. However, it is not okay to use any online translators for sentences.  Merci!

19-20 nov:  Please continue studying our Chapitre 2 vocabulaire on a daily basis.  Use la feuille de vocabulaire as well as Quizlet Ch. 2 online.  Have your friends and family quiz you, and make yourself flashcards so as to quiz yourself.  You can also use to hear and practice pronunciation with the online flashcards.  Merci!

mercredi 27 novembre 2019:  Joyeuse Fête du Jour de l'Action de Grâce!  Apportez vos écouteurs en classe pour lundi, SVP.  Next week we'll talk more about the details of our interro écrite.  The self-description writing quiz will be Friday December 13th, and will require 6 sentences minimum en français using language/vocabulaire/expressions from our current unit.