Online Reference & Resources

Online Reference & Resources

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  *Kitsap Regional Library (KRL) - good for audiobooks, ebooks, databases, music. 
*Seattle Public Library (SPL) - If you already have a KRL card, you may apply for a SPL card.

General Use / Starting-Point Research  *World Book Encyclopedia Online (nksdworld; nksd400)
*Britannica Digital Learning (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)

History Research
*U.S. History in Context (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*World History in Context (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Opposing Viewpoints (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)

*CultureGrams (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*ProQuest (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Library of Congress
*CIA World Factbook

English Research
*Biography in Context (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Literature Resource Center (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab

Finding a Good Book
*BookMatch (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Booklists for Teens (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*NoveList Plus (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)

Science, Health & Technology
*Health Links -
Medline Plus
National Library of Medicine
National Institute of Health
CDC: Physical Activity
CDC: Nutrition
US Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
USODPHP: Physical Activity

Homework & Testing Help
*Brainfuse (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Learning Express (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Testing and Education Reference Center (KRL - copy/use card #29068006856151)
*Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab

Citing Sources/ Creating Citations & Bibliographies
*OSLIS Citation Maker (MLA icon above)
*MLA video (@8 minutes long - for you die-hards!)
*Microsoft Word embedded citation - Guide
*Microsoft Word embedded citation - video tutorial