septembre 2019

lundi 9 septembre 2019:  For tonight's homework, please leave me a voicemail (360.396.3178) or send me an email confirmation ( of both students and parents/guardians having read and understood the French 1 syllabus.  Please include questions on the voicemail or email if needed.  Merci beaucoup!  I look forward to working with you.

jeudi 12 sept: Tonight on a new, clean sheet of paper - please explain why you chose to learn French.  Skip lines and explain in English.  This is due at the start of tomorrow's class.  Why are you excited about learning this language?  Please share your thoughts.  Merci!

mardi/mercredi 17-18 septembre 2019: Names and images of French-speaking places and/or items associated with le monde francophone in your book.  Simple matching in your notes.  (p.14-15 #1A au livre).  Merci!

jeudi 19 sept:  Please prepare for the upcoming speaking quiz en français.  You'll be greeting a classmate, asking their name, asking how they're doing, and saying goodbye.  You'll also be answering all of their questions to you.  It will be a brief, simple conversation en français without any notes.  You are very capable!  This will be on Monday September 30th.  Preparez-vous-y!

lundi 23 septembre 2019:  Everyday outside of class you need to be practicing aloud without notes for Monday's interro orale - merci!

mardi 24 - mercredi 25 - sept:  p.24 #2a - au livre - à écrire: 10 phrases complètes en français  "Image __, c'est numéro __ (description_____)."